LCA Contest: '58 Plymouth from 'Christine'

Well , let's see how we go with this one. Research tells me the car in the film is a 57 Belvedere / 58 Fury crossover. Ref pics tend to be homemade customisations , so I'll just make it as accurate as I can.
There are only hand-drawn blueprints available so I'll probably rough an outline out using autocad and go from there.



The Land Cruiser Maniac
Awsome. One of my fav movies ;)

It hated the scene where the guys smashed the car. Ripped seats etc. Just horrible!


Continental Kit
Sure this is a 59.
The 57 and 58 were virtually the same except for some details. As the story goes these should not be released until 58. Chrysler would go for the 3rd year of the 55-56 cars until all engineering was set for the "Forward Look". But rumors began to spread that Ford and GM would restyle for 57. Chrysler's rush committed its 57 cars. Anyway i love the 57/58 Plymouths, in fact i could never see the whole movie, knowing that many -- even if most were props -- cars were destroyed.
And someday i mustl redo my own 58 3dBelvedere... (-:
Will be keeping a sharp eye on this thread!
Thanks people , it's ok - I know the picture and blueprint is wrong. Like I said I'll make an outline in autocad and work from that. I found some good reference now , especially
So the model WILL look accurate to the film. Trust me.
Not really .... well sort of. :)
I rough out the shape with box modelling , then often i will make each part using the box model as a guide. Depends on the car , sometimes the meshflow is ok on the boxmodel.
Modelling each part separately seems the preferred method, but I like to see the overall picture.


Continental Kit
Looks nice.
Watch out for that backlight, it should be more curved. The side window frame is slender and arches smoothly towards the rear.


Continental Kit
Thanks for watching my model and here's to improve your own (-: :

1 - Watch out for the peaked front. As i always say, most cars have a peaked or curved front (seen from above) for stronger resistance in case of head-on collision. The 58 Plymouth is no exception. If you watch the references pictures closely you will see the V, from the hood down to the lower valance intake. Simply go on doing the modeling then apply a FDD 2x2x2 modifier on the faces that form the front and drag the inner control points forward a bit. Collapse and there you are.

2- The rear roof pillars. They are very thin. Why don't you delete those faces and make the roof float. Then create an arch that starts above the sidevents and sweeps gracefully down until it reaches the body, linking it to the roof. Don't forget, the backlight is curved. Not as curved as the windscreen, but curved anyway. You can see the curve showing in the side view photograph on your render.

Hope you don't mind my crits, just to help yours be a faithful 3d Christine.
1. - Not quite sure what you mean about the front. Do you mean the front end needs to be rounder across the face ?
Please post a picture if you get chance

2. - I'll be working on the roof this week , I'lll be sure to follow what you suggest.

Don't hesitate to make any comments you like , good or bad. I respect your work and your opinion is highly valued.