LCA Contest: 2007ish Ford Saleen Mustang; transformers

nice choice, i understand that U're going to make Barricade Mustang varsion, right? Don't forget the famous sign on the back of the car :) and try to use the forum link from imageshack so that small thumbnail will appear in Your post. Good lusk :)


No problem at all with double post for posting 2 different updates.

It's a good start, but you should stick to post only clay renders at the moment : you need to focus on shape rightness, not on shaders at the moment.

Keep it up, I like the car choice !
I think the upper front needs to curve out a bit more, headlights look really tall too. Though you may not finish it for the contest, I hope you will continue at it, it looks like a good start, just needs some tweaking.