LCA Contest: 2003 Cadillac Escalade EXT from The Matrix Reloaded

i think the motion blur is quiet good! Only thing that let's it down is aa, it's very pixelate in some areas. The rest look astonishing, love the atmosphere and your scene! Damn it's going to be hard to choose:p
This is awsome, you really did a great job on the cars, and you cant tell they are low poly either. I didnt think you would pull it off ( saw your thread at the bottom with little updates for the longest) but you didnt disappoint :) Id add some more polys to the twins arms to be more flexed, and Id also make it starting to swerve too like the Caddy. Just to make it doing something besides going straight.
Superb work mate! Like an actual movie hehe :D
Though I want to point out that the CTS-V's (did I get it right? XD) suspension seems a little too soft. I'm not sure a car can roll like that ;)
Its the normal standart CTS:) Not sure if its realistic but I thought it doesnt look bad so.:D

Thanks for your comments guys.:) I should model some more of those lowpoly cars.
Nice! Your renders really do justice to the model. Looks great 8)
It's sweet to see you've modeled so much for just a few shots, that deserves kudos ;)

The CTS is tilted too much though, as stated.
Anyway, looking great!