LCA Contest: 2003 Cadillac Escalade EXT from The Matrix Reloaded

So heres my car, the Cadillac Escalade EXT used by the twins for the famous highway chase in Matrix reloaded. Its going to be midpoly for GTA4. Modeled the frontfender today. Inaccurate blueprints ftw!xD


Okay, heres an update. I try to finish my Impala first so I use the time Im motivated to map the Chevy to do so. Just wanted to say that my progress wont be as fast as some of the other guys around here :D Ill add more details/polies to the front soon.


Looking good, hopefully you'll finish on time! If I remember tho, the top part is some sort of plastic, with a matte black finish...altho I'm sure your materials arent final...Keep it up!
Love the rear structure and the rearward pillars of the roof (dunno what's their technical term..C-pillars? XD) :D
Oh and just to point out something there's an area on the rear wheel well that doesn't really line up properly with the structure.
rear wheel well? Cant see anything there, not sure what you mean. Could you post a pic of it?^^

Heres some testrender, just noticed some stuff I have to change. If you find something you dont like, just tell me and Ill try to fix it.:)

EDIT: Added some signs.


very cool, the green makes it, on anything else people would complain it was to green, but when your doing a scene from that movie it just makes sense.
Thanks guys.

Heres some update, modeled the first 3 traffic cars, each of them has less than 600 polies with wheels. Got to love them XD You wont see much of them on the render, theyll be blured like hell but why not^^

Now I have to add some badges to me Escalade.

EDIT: edíted the model and texture of the CTS