LCA Contest: 1973 Ford Falcon XB-Mad Max


The Land Cruiser Maniac
Rims are wrong. Mangels/American Racing rim holes are smaller. I know those rims well :D

Here. Here´s a pic of my rim and I think it´s the same size. See how different it is. Your holes are too big ;) You can see it in your blueprints too.
And the hole area hurves abit down. and the hole corners should be more rounder. See the pics.

Looking really nice sofar. I love the rim materials.


Just reading this thing about the rims. I think there were a few styles of these rims throughout the years. I had a 40 series too but my rims looked like these. (see pic) Then when I had to buy another ( I think I wrecked one somehow) I could only buy the ones like Rallydrivers. And there was another very early style here in australia which I think were called "peko stars". I think these were from the 70s so maybe that would be the right era for your car. Any way hope this helps???

The XB is awsome by the way!!

And nice tyres on the your 40 series Rallydriver!!!



The Land Cruiser Maniac
40 series had some steel rims as stock. So your rims are aftermarket too. Cant spot anything different from your rims, except the color. There´s also Dotz Dakar that looks like Mangles or my AR ;) I used to have Mangles on my Suzuki SJ410. And all of those three rim make looks the same.

Still the holes are too big in the 3D model. :)


Thanks guys...I'll see what I can do, altho I dont know if the rims are the same as those you've shown. I looked at the blueprint, and yea, they're off, but not quite as much as the rims you've shown...I get alot of my reference pics here

Mad Max Movies FAQ

and this is the rim they show to build your own replica

The sidewall text is just about that big, and after looking at the movies, I'm convinced they're the right size. Updates soon!
Thanks tiberius...just wait til you see the scene I'm putting it in!

Alrighty, got the back bumper done along with the fender flare thingy...also finished front and back windows, made the hood vent things, and added the front directional.

Thanks Sergo, there are alot of really good entries so it'll be a tough race.

Aight, Most of the body is done, I'm saving the blower for last... I plan on doin the underside of it and a simple interior, but not that hi poly...the tough part is to get the texture and dirt just right. Enjoy!

I couldn't wait so I made the blower, the real reason I wanted to model this car! There are a lot of different replicas that have the wrong parts, but after freeze framing the movie all day, this is what I've come up with... Let me know if anything is outta wack!

Oh and the belt isn't finished yet.

Sergo: Thanx man! I actually modeled the rounded bolt holders seperately and then joined the mesh into one at the end, and messing around with the mia_round_corners node in maya made them look as tho it was all modeled in one!

KMyers-MG: Thanks!

Oscar: Appreciate it! When are we gonna see more of the Deathrace monster finished?

All right, so with the model finished(not showing it yet) its time to start on the environment...and seeing as how Johnas is making a desert scene as well, I thought I'd replicate an actual scene from Mad max...the lighting will be different and the grass is just a test for now...trying out paint effects for the first time...

Thanks for the comment. Well I definitely dont want it to be cartoonish...

Any pointers? The scale of the grass I know is too big, plus there are no clouds in the sky and the scene is overall a bit too saturated...but what else?
Awesome work, that looks brilliant.
I think the Blower needs to be lower, the hole in the bonnet covers the lower bit of the drive pully.
The bonnet pins you have are incorrect to (I think), they should be the push and turn type, not split pins.

It looks heaps better than the one I did already.
Marvin: Thanx for the comments. Lets see yours! After looking now, you're right, the blower should be lower, I suppose I stuck it up higher to show it off...
your right about the pins as well, I got so caught up in lookin at refs I forgot which ones where replicas and real ones, so I'll change those as well. I see your from south Australia, got any crits on the environment?

I still need to add some atmosphere and such, clouds, etc, as well as some more grass on the right side...I put an old model in the scene to see if reflections looked ok, not showing the final interceptor yet...Materials are in NO way final.