LCA Contest: 1969 italian Job Mini Cooper


Never seen the 1969 movie, but these 3 Minis look without doubt way better than the 3 new ones in the remake. About actors, Michael Caine just pwns Wahlberg, but, hey ... you know, there is Charlize Theron, so the remake is worth seeing for sure !

Back to your thread, sorry for offtopic : I'm already looking forward to see some work on it, especially some nice combined renders of the 3 colors !


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hope to see this one progress, the Mini is one of my all time favs and the original movie is awsome (re-make should have never been made :p )
If you need any advice with mini's or anything feel free to chuck me a PM, I used to restore + race them :D

good luck with this one, really looking forward to seeing it!