LCA Contest: 1961 Ferrari 250GT California - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

I split the front grille surround out tonight, and started closing up the rear of the car. I think I'm going to leave the very back alone for now, and start on the windshield and wheels/tires and see how they go. I am pretty happy with how my first try at chrome went, I just left the default color alone, and added a ton of reflection! :)

Hope you guys enjoy looking at this as much as I've been enjoying making it!


Thats looking awsome Ben. As soon as you start to add details like you have it just starts to lift the whole look. Like the road texture too!! Its really coming to life! Cant wait to see more.

Ok, another update, started on the wheels... I thought they would be far more complex, but I think they turned out pretty nice, and were really not too tough (thank God for duplicate and rotate!) What do you think? For you blender users, I set the render levels to 6 on everything, and blender crashed. I have a pretty new machine, an HP laptop with a 3GHz 64 bit CPU, 3GB RAM, and Vista... any ideas? Once I set the render level on the closest wheel to 5, and the other three to 2, it was fine.

Thanks in advance,




The body looks smooth so far, but it's really hard to tell if it's perfect or not : the paint has nothing to reflect in your current scene, so all bumps can be hidden.

You should stick to clay renders so far. Unless you already validated the cleanness of your surfaces with a clay, of course ;)

By the way, nice rims !
Thanks guys... it means alot coming from you!

The rims turned out WAAAaaay better than I ever had hoped they would. They were pretty easy too. I just used a circle mesh, extruded and scaled until it looked right on the first half, then mirrored it. The spokes were pretty easy too (I've built probably 50 bicycle and motorcycle wheels in my life, so I have a firm grasp on the spoke layout), just used a cylider mesh, scaled and stretched it to length, offset it a hair, mirrored it, then duplicated and rotated it 10 times for the front spokes, then grabbed all the front spokes, duplicated them, and rotated them 180 degrees and moved them for the rear spokes.

Being new to this, I'm really enjoying seeing the renders as I go, and am using them to validate that I'm on the right track. But I hear what you're saying, I suppose I shouldn't complain about render times when I am not truly at the point where I need to render the car! :) Oh well... ;)

The tires were kinda painful, but again, circle mesh for the sidewall, extruding and scaling, then I used a bunch of planes for the tread and outside edge of the sidewall. I duplicated and rotated it 32 times to get the entire outside edge.

tom120934, what do you suggest for something to reflect? Also, what do you mean by validating the cleanness of my surfaces? Is that just meaning checking if some of the polygons are twisted, and jut-out?

I know there are some issues around the scoop opening, but it looks pretty good right now (at least from this angle, to me!) and I'm not sure how long the rest of the car is going to take, so I want to keep going. Being new at this (about three weeks so far) I'm probably not approaching this in the best way possible, but I am having fun! :)

Thanks guys!

Hey Ben,

Yeah, the rims and tyres are fantastic. If your fairly new to this your doing a fantatic job of modeling going by the tyre. Keep going....

Sometimes I find it too tempting to add materials and do some renders before im finished modeling too.( im doing that on my project at the moment ) but I guess it gives you a better feel for the look of the thing as you go.


tom120934, what do you suggest for something to reflect?
Usually, there is two options :
- Studio setup with white planes : you will check if the reflected plane's edges are straight and clean.
- Outdoor setup with HDRI : you will check if the picture reflected in your paint is clean.

Also, what do you mean by validating the cleanness of my surfaces? Is that just meaning checking if some of the polygons are twisted, and jut-out?
I meant, imagine you can touch your surface with your bare hand. It would be easy to say if your surfaces are clean and smooth. As you can't touch it, you have to use a different way to check smoothness and cleanness.

Please try a clay render on your model and post it. We'll spot out bumps (if any ;)) for you, so you'll be able to see it's hard to judge smoothness from wires or from painted renders.
Cool, thanks for the clarification!

I've been reading tutorials on your site (along with many other sites), that's where I got the ballpark settings for my world... the sky, the sun colors, etc. I found your "realistic clay renders" tutorial this morning, so I'll work my way through that to get a good clay render.

I don't think I've said it enough, but thank you guys so much for walking me through these steps, I'm very grateful, and would have quit after getting frustrated with the initial side view if not for your encouragement!

Hopefully I'll have some time tonight to work on the clay render... I tried doing a basic grey render last night, and it was still taking a looong time. How long would you expect it to take? 5 minutes? 10 minutes?

Thanks again guys!



How long would you expect it to take? 5 minutes? 10 minutes?
It depends on a lot of things : complexity of your model, quality of the lighting settings, hardware you're rendering with...

But usually, as it's only a test render, you need to come up with settings giving you a short time (e.g. no more than 15 minutes) because you'll perform such renders quite often. At least, I do ;)

I don't think I've said it enough, but thank you guys so much
I said the same about SMC when I learned car modeling. Nice to see the place is helpful as it used to be ;)
So, I've been trying to set up a clay render like in the tutorial on your site Tom, but both my laptop at home (which I've done all the work and rendering on up to this point) and my work PC crash. However when I remove the duplicate objects on the seperate layer, I can render my original scene just fine (FYI, 1 hour 15 minutes on Vista, and 21 minutes on Ubuntu)

Any thoughts? Do you want me to just upload the .blend file?

Oh, also, how do I put an image up on the main forum post listing? :) You guys all have your awesome renders up there, and I think it'd be cool to have mine there too!



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Before u put attachment on your first comm i didn't ever soo your work,

Very cool . like i am watching this images and thinking "damn, everybody is bether then me or maby its my rendering." xD but agene This is a very cool , and good model, now i am thinking "its not about me its just u are very good in this" ;)

Great work Ben keep it up :)
Hey thanks for the compliments, it means alot to a newbie like me! :) Your charger is excellent OldDog! I'm hoping to stay up late working on my windshield, and then setting the car up for a nice clay render tonight. I think I need to buy about eight PC's and set up a render farm... ;)

Ok, here's a clay render for you... let me know what you see that needs fixing, guys. Critique away! Since this is my first car model, go easy on me! :)



Mate this looks good. i think the tyres dont look as good now without the tyre material but im not sure I would change them cause they looked good on your previous renders.

There's a little "cleft " problem in the bottom of the front grill suround.
Chris, great catch on the grille problem! I thought I had that licked, but I guess not. Here's another render I did this morning... I ended up tweaking the hood down, and adjusting the front of the hood and above the grille, in order for the transition around the windshield to look more correct. The glass I took from a blender wiki post, I don't think it looks very good though. The windshield frame is a very simple piece right now, I wanted to be sure I was on the right track before I seperated the pieces, etc. so hopefully it doesn't look too bad.

I added a bit ridge on the tires, thinking it looked good on some wide white walls I have in my garage waiting to go onto my 1953 Ford F-100, but I made it far too big. Like you said, in clay it looks pretty bad, with the material on though it looked good, so for now I'm going to leave it.

Here's the latest render with the windshield and frame.