LCA Contest: 1961 Ferrari 250GT California - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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So, I thought "hey, this should be easy to find photos and maybe even blueprints of... it's a very famous car, and even though only 55 were made, it's very sought after". Boy was I wrong!

I haven't found any blueprints of the car yet, and although I've found many front and rear photos that will work for reference, I haven't found any dead-on side views. To add to the confusion, it turns out there is some question about whether an actual Ferrari was used in the movie, or if it was a replica (see link):

Ferrari Spyder Replica Kit - Featured Vehicles - Kit Car Magazine

So, I've decided I'll have to draw my own blueprint (which will not be perfectly accurate), and hopefully I'll be able to do this beautiful car justice.

Here are a couple of views of the car in the movie:



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Great car you've chosen, and it doesn't have very complex shape so it should be quite easy to model if you'll find enough reference. Good luck!
Ok, here's my first bit of work modeling the 250 GT. I spent most of the day yesterday working on figuring out a blueprint to model off of. I didn't find any preexisting ones, and I couldn't find a dead-on side photo, so I cobbled the closest thing together that I could. Hopefully it'll be accurate enough to look good!

Let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions... Thanks in advance!


I'm looking at my work, and not real happy with it. The lack of a good blueprint is my excuse... ;)

I've only modeled a couple of things before... the Polikarpov that is my avatar, and a couple of wheels, so I think I bit off more than I can chew. Any suggestions on where to get a side and top view of this car?

I think I'm going to start over, and do the front quarter panel first, that appears to be a common starting point on this forum, and will hopefully allow me to concentrate on making that piece perfect before moving on.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

If you think you can't be accurate you can use splines... they're easier to play with than vertices and edges.

And if you think you can't get it accurate, just model for experience.
Depends what program you're using, splines in Max are pain, it's polymodeling software. :)

@Henrysrodshop, you could show us the unsmoothed wires aswell, that way we can help you as much as possible


According to blue background, shader and lighting, it looks like he's using Blender ;) These are just defaut settings.

So I greatly second Johnas about splines. Keep working with meshes, it's the more advanced way of modeling available within Blender.

Don't hesitate to ask some Blender-related questions (in your thread or in the dedicated section :, we have a increasing number of members using it.
Yep, I'm using blender (good guess!). I tried doing some box modeling in blender for the aforementioned airplane, but ended up either starting with a circle mesh, or a plane, then extruding and mirroring. I will post up my wireframe tonight (sorry, don't have it at work!). I'm not too sure what splines are (very new to this still) it sounds like they are not available (or recommended at least?) in blender?

Thanks for taking an interest, and the tips guys,



It wasn't a hard guess for me : I model cars with Blender since 2005, and I started using it in 1998 or 1999 ;)

Indeed box modeling is not the easiest solution for plane modeling. Extruding and mirroring is the way to go, we'll check your mesh to see if you did it right.

About splines, I indeed don't recommend using them, because their behavior is not completely predictable, so it can make you angry. Meshes are maybe a bit complicated for simple curves, but they clearly are the more versatile solution.
Here's the wireframe from approximately the same angle as the render. It's not very pretty, but I was trying to do a "relatively" low polygon model. Let me know what you think, and thanks!


Hey Ben,

Good choice of car!! I thought about doing this one as well and came across the same problem as you with regards to a lack of reference. But keep going with it!

I dont pretend to be an expert but i've marked your bluprint. If you take it as a bit of a general approach - try to keep to four sided poly's you will be much better off. And it will be easier to add more details latter on in the modeling process.

And you will pic up heaps from people here. Im new too and have already benifited heaps from doing the comp.

But you've got the general shape of the car looking right. keep going! Cheers.
Ok, I haven't had much time to work on this, but here are the changes, I think I see what you're saying about keeping the polygons as squares/rectangles/four-sided as it seems to make the render smoother (at least in my case). Are there other benefits?

Here's the corrected wireframe, thanks for the input, keep it coming! :)

[edit] whoops, looks like I didn't quite follow the above directions... I still have a big triangle in front of the rear wheelwell, I'll get that corrected maybe tonight![/edit]


Hey Ben,

Yep. Thats exactly what I meant.

It was more just a bit of guide. Not really a rule. Just keep going the way your going. Im sure if i look at my model there will be tri's. Like I said im no expert so I really shouldnt comment too much.

Keep going .....Looking forward to see more.

Quick update... and question. When I'm using Mirror in Blender, is there any way to get the halves to appear joined, so I don't have the weird "crease" down the center of the hood, and the cleft in the front bumper area?

Let me know what you think of my update, Thanks!


k, one more quick update before I hit the sack. I added the hood scoop, and the grille area. As mentioned before, I don't have a great blueprint to work off of, so I'm going off of a front, rear, and several 3/4 view photos. It's not going to be perfect, but hopefully it'll at least be recognizeable! :)


Looks like the right shape to me, without looking at reference or anything.

The scoop is fantastic!!!

I think if you turn "do clipping" on in the mirror modifier as you move your vertex towrd the center it should join up and remove the cleft problem. And with ridge you just need to pull that line of vertex's away from the center to smooth maybe.

Looking really good!!!
Thanks Chris20,

I got rid of the "cleft" problem by adjusting some of my setting in the mirror modifier, thanks for the hint!

I thought I'd post up a quick render with a better material setting... I grabbed a parking lot image from one of the blender textures sites.

I'm quite proud of it, even though you guys all blow my crappy skills away! I'm having fun learning... and definitely appreciate all the help and encouragement,