Last V8 Interceptor

These are plans I drew up for a client (started the sculpt too, before the project was abandoned) for a V8 Interceptor from a famous Austrailian movie. I hope to eventually use these, but maybe someone else could benefit from them in the meantime (and also keep me off the "deadbeats" list - boy what a tough group....I just joined today!).


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Last of the Turbocharged V8s

Dead-beat no-more. ;) As long as you donate use your prints, no matter if you post WIP'll not be a dead-beat. ;)

Thanks for the donations, and if you have anymore, keep 'em comin'. :D
Last of the Turbocharged V8s

I forgot to add a note about the plans.

On the side view, you'll notice a blue line toward the front. This is the profile and bar after the front end was smashed in the second movie.

Also, the wheels are not the correct rims.

Last of the Turbocharged V8s

hehe, well those are some sweet prints, seem a bit square for a top view but then again this is an 80s movie ( Mad max right?) on an offtopic note.. Mel Gibson.. jeeze is that guy ever universal, had a Austrailan accent in that movie but today he plays the best American youve ever seen. ( "The Patriot", Lethal Weapon,Maverick... list goes on and on) great actor.. one of my favorits to watch.
Last of the Turbocharged V8s

thanks for the compliment!

They were for a toy (can anyone say...SSP?), but the diagrams are accurate to the original....and the original car was a Austrailian '72 Ford Falcon

as for Mel, he was born in the US and his dad re4located the family to Austrailia when he was a teen.