Laptop that can run 3D Max well?


I'm looking to get my first laptop (only had desktop until now). Would really like one that has tb3 but i'm also on a budget. Which one of these laptops will be the cheapest that can run 3d Max fairly well?

Laptop List

What budget do you expect?
System requirements 3ds Max 2019 at the moment are

Windows 10 operating system (x64);
Processor (CPU) 4 cores and more (IntelCore i7, AMD Ryzen 7);
Video card (GPU) at least 1GB, 4GB or more recommended, DDR5;
RAM minimum 4GB, recommended 8GB and more, DDR4;
1 SSD under the operating system, the second for files and programs.

Depending on this, you need to pick up a laptop
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