Lamborghini Veneno (2013)


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Only 3 units will be produced of this, all sold already. 750 cv, 355 Km/h, 0-100 in 2.8 s, all carbon made.
The price is £ 3.000.000. It's clearly a revisited Aventador anyway, same mechanic (engine upgraded). Anyway, it's the typical collectors car, it hasn't the same technological content of the last Ferrari and McLaren at all, but it costs the triple because of the rarity. Also the performances (however very high) aren't at the same level of the LaFerrari and P1.
They claim this is a race car ''legalized'' as road car, but it never could be a true race car because of 3 main reasons:
1) It's too big
2) it's too heavy although the all carbon manifacture.
3) Those carbon rims would crash at the first jump on the curbs.

Personally, i find pathetic and together romantic this trend to put the italian flag on everywhere (the LaFerrari too has the italian flag on the dashboard), like italians would feel the end is near. Effectively Italy will crash in a big crunch within a few time, and i find these attempts to hold high italian name, as i've said, pathetic and heroic the same time. It's like we'd say ''hey, we're gonna disappear, but we still build the best Huayra also''




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@ beacon1
I completely agree about the overly design, but personally i don't like the result, it seems almost ''vulgar'' and kitsch, they exasperated the classic Lambo's design soiling the lines too much, too many appendices, too many details, too much of everything for my tastes.


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I thought the Sesto Elemento (read Ele-mental) was over designed and vulgar, and then they erased some bits, added even bigger pieces, and came up with this. Lamborghini is going too far with these exotic and wacky designs. I absolutely love the LaFerrari. I've always been more of a Ferrari fan compared to Lambo, but especially as of late, vehicle designs have pushed me even further to Ferrari. Don't get me wrong, the Gallardo and Aventador are gorgeous cars, but the 458 and the LaFerrari just push all the right buttons for me. Taken to, and just beyond the edge, then brought back about 10%. I'd take the LaFerrari any day over this Transformer.


I heard this car will be featured in the new batman movie :D .. just kidding. It's almost a shame to see this next to LaFerrari and McLaren. I was not expecting but hopeing to see a fresh redesign of the Gallardo where the base is already 10 years old? The Italia 458 is probably a great car for the money but doesn't look great to me and the maintaining costs are just senseless compared to the Gallardo. LaFerrari was...I have to admit the most interesting car presented in the show next to the McLaren.



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I agree i like the LaFerrari too, but it looks like an updated Enzo with the 458 influence. Not much of an original new design like the Aventador or F-10 or Mclaren P1. Lots of designs were revealed at the Geneva auto show like the Sergio and the Italdesign parcour concept.This car Veneno looks like a centurion from battlestar galactica only needs the red glowing thing on its nose.


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I agree with the most of the thoughts expressed by you guys. I personally love both the P1 both the LaFerrari, but my personal opinion, after a careful watch of the Koenigsegg Agera R, is that the Swedish car is at least the same level because it's so clean, so pure, without all those vents and spoilers and so on. Ok, u can say it's very similar to the CCX, but i just love that car.
I've never liked the Gallardo that much, but i think the Aventador is frankly a great car as look even if it doesn't reach the Murcielago's level. Keeping on the debatement about look, i don't like the Huayra (the front end is horrible imho), i retain the 458 so and so just like the 430, in my opinion, the best looking Ferrari of the last 10 years is the 360 Modena together with this new LaFerrari. Never liked the F40 , much better the legendary 288 GTO imho.
The Veyron to the other hand is quite clumsy without any interesting design's idea.
Incredibly fine instead, imho of course, is the oncoming BMW i8. I also like the Porsche 918 Spyder, so simple and slender without to be obvious.
About this new Lambo...i retain it simply ugly...
I love the three super cars presented in Geneva, LaFerrai, the P1 and the Veneno, so no problem for me.
I still don't know why the veneno, as you said, it's that heavy, I mean, how many? 1400kg? I don't remember well... the size it's okay, but no matter how much carbon, CFRP or whatever, it's too heavy.
Still I'm waiting for a new lamborghini that reach the number 1 like the Countach did. The veneno causes a lot of visual impression, but to most of people it's just for bad. All becouse of not using mobile parts to keep a good airflow with esthetic (LaFerrari does). ANd, 'Hey, we improved the Veneno so now it has 50CV more!'. -Wow, you killed youself making it, rigth? -Nah, it's just an ECU change.
A special version of Countach (the Evoluzione, just for testing) had already a turbocharged engine, why the hell don't use them!? Less weigth, guys! You should know it!
@ beacon1
I completely agree about the overly design, but personally i don't like the result, it seems almost ''vulgar'' and kitsch, they exasperated the classic Lambo's design soiling the lines too much, too many appendices, too many details, too much of everything for my tastes.
same here. everything after gallardo where a bit too futureristic in my eyes, to sharp edges, too much like an air-fighter plane. on the other side definitely an eyecatcher everywhere.