Lamborghini Diablo SV

Now that I have finished the merc I decided to start a new project, as some side-stuff there will probably be some new wheels for my bentley and an interior+new texs for the Jag XK.

There aren`t any usable blueprints I have found so I´ll build a spline-reference out of some pictures. I´ll tweak the splines some but I think you can expect some polymesh for the next update.

If you see any inaccuracies please tell !



Here`s some mesh. The corners of the front bumper got pulled out quite a lot because they were too round. I know that the bottom of the windshiled area has a wrong curvature, please point it out if you see anything else wrong.

I prefer the disco pop-ups but I may make the Nissan headlights aswell since they are more interesting from modeling part of view.



As I said at NFScars, the car looks great. So far it looks really nice. Its hard to say if anything else bothers me at this point as far as the front goes due to the fact the bodly lines are not in place. However if you find you need any pictures just give me a PM or MSN (if you have it) and I'll send some over. Perhaps you modeling on one will be the catalyst to make me return to modeling and finish mine.

Btw love to see a wireshot in the next update :)
Some really top notch work so far. The Diablo as you know doubt know by now is a ruthless car. So far you are handling it very well. The structure is really clean. Since I know its very much still WIP I wont critque anything since you have a ways to go. But I'm anxious to see the doorlines come into play and what not.

About mine... perhapse... I might, nothing really stopping me, just lazyness. I need to fix some areas on mine, (ie the fog lights, need to be redone or reshapend since I barely touched upon them. New wheels, rear bumper, interior and who knows what else.

Thanks for adding me, I saw where you did. hopefully we will get to chat sometime, I've been working a lot lately, from either 9-6 or 12 to 7 lately, and I wont be off till Wednesday.

Wheels done... 3800 tris per wheel, all those edges and bolts aren`t poly-friendly but I decided not to pull a forza and make them anyway.
The wheels are awesome details...but the body can really now use the attention...say the headlights

Keep in mind that both wheels and the body itself can make ruin the car's presentation.

Good work though


The rims looks indeed brilliant work.

The whole body looks so smooth, it's a great achievement. What's the polycount so far ?

But please change the color :) It's of course up to you to decide which color to use, but IMHO it doesn't suit the car at all.
holy S*** dude, you must work for some big games firm, and if you don't you should :p, although the textured pics are small, they can be easily mistaken for a high poly wheel, and tyre