lamborghini countach 5000qv

Lars Gehrt

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Hi there,

this is my first post here, but i used to be a member long time ago, i just lost my account info :)

Just wanted to share my process on my lamborghini countach 5000qv and maybe learn a few things from you guys to improve my car modelling.

im going for the classic 5000 qv look.


lambo_wip_01.jpg lambo_wip_02.jpg lambo_wip_03.jpg lambo_wip_04.jpg lambo_wip_05.jpg lamborghini_countach_5000qv_1985.jpg

Lars Gehrt

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This is all purely based on image reference found on Google and what not. I could not find any good images on the undercarriage, so I modelled it by looking at a countach from the back. The rest is free thinking :)

Lars Gehrt

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thanks Oscar,

didnt really see that curve along the side, its a given! omg cant even comprehend how i missed that.

The circle on the backlight, what do you mean by that. There are several styling forms when it comes to the backlight.



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Didn't realise there were different versions. My bad.
yeah, you were pointing out those American ones, and he is doing European :)

i am a fan of these lambos, they are awesome, and you are doing rather nice job so far, like what you did with suspension, looks good :)