Lamborghini Aventador

Super light and materials and renderm :) I really like it. I already have it on the desktop :) I have one question, how blur background of the arc/curve? It seems to me that Photoshop doesn't have the option?


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Really nice shot man, we wanna more of this Aventador. Just try to tweak your shaders a bit. especially tires.
Keep it up.
Thanks guys.

Mentor_88 yeah photoshop doesn't really do the curved motion blur. I'm lucky enough to have access to VirtualRig Studio at my work which uses motion vectors to create beautiful curved motion blur as well as blurring my Environment Maps. I got asked on facebook about putting together a making of image so I'll incude a VirtualRig shot.

Thanks Duron. You've got a great portfolio happening. Love your work. Your right the tyres are always the dead give away when looking at CG images. Hard to get right. Been using mentalray for about 7 year but recently switched over to Vray for Maya which has been fantastic to learn but still getting my head around the shaders at render global settings and how to get the best results out of them.

How would you compare vray to mental ray since you've used both. I'm
thinking of switching over to vray myself.
Good design of the Lambo!
Hey DarkHorse EX,

Sorry for the late reply. Both MentalRay and Vray have pros and cons but I'm seriously loving Vray at the moment. MentalRay was great becuase it is very physically correct in terms of shaders and lighting but did take a while to get high quality renders out. I think with Vray its been a nice blend of old school and new techniquies allowing me to focus on more of the creative side and getting hot looking images and getting a visual result alot quicker. Vray's DBR has also been a huge plus so I've now got 80 cores rendering one image and the GPU realtime is also looking really good (just been crashing on me a lot though) but will no doubt keep getting better and better with other software like HDR Light Studio intergrating into it. Definately would recommend checking out Vray. Hope that helps.



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Image has nice colors and very fresh feeling :) But still I have impression that car is levitateing. Maybe darker shadow under the car could help.
I love this wallpaper, it's great. But i don't like the blur background especially when it meets the mirror of Lambo. Maybe i'm wrong about that but i think it's a little bit flat :S. Other thinks are gorgeous.