Lamborghini Aventador

I didn't notice any threads about this beauty here so I decided to make some hype around the Lamborghini's new flagship :) It's not a secret that the Murcielago is going to take a rest (it's been around for 10 years already !) so naturally something new will surface.
I just stumbled upon a new video showing the 700HP Aventador during test run. Of course the car is covered in all sorts of masking tapes and ridiculous shapes that prevent people from knowing how it will ultimately look like. Anyway, it's pretty simple to see that it will stay true to the Lamborghini's unique shape and be an evolution of the latest 3 Lambos.
Here's the link :

Voici la nouvelle Lamborghini, remplaante de la Murcielago - L'emission -

And some more info about the car :

Lamborghini Aventador prototype seen during final testing - the STORY on


This car is indeed amazing, the design can make you think it's only an evolution of the Murcielago using Reventon style but it's so much than that : brand new engine, brand new frame using new technologies, brand new gearbox. This technology makes it even more terrifying, in my humble opinion.

I have seen only one WIP about it, not here unfortunately. I think I'll give it a try as soon as possible. I'll make a blueprint from reference pictures using insight3d, the same way I did my Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.


rburlea, feel free to start a WIP thread for your project. I'm sure you'll get plenty of feedback and critics for such a car choice.
Yeah that is an awesome car and I wouldn't mind seeing models popping around already :D
I would model one myself but I can't wrap my head around all the concepts I'm modeling ...
i am wondeing if anyone can model this car for me i need it to ne very acurate and scaled as i want to make a real life car body from this model i need it done so i can pull cross sections from it to build full size plug.


@adamsquared : it depends on the time you spend and the number of reference pictures you use, but it can be really accurate. I did it for my Sesto Elemento model and the reconstructed model is completely useful.

But be warned nobody would do a model for you for free. A really good accuracy need time, so the result will depends on how much you're willing to pay.


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I like this Lambo and practically every Lambo since 1963. Maybe not everybody knows that the Lamborghini company, leaded by its founder Ferruccio Lamborghini (currently dead) , makes first of all tractors and heating systems for homes and companies.
Ferruccio Lamborghini started just with tractors and stuff, bt, once he became rich, he wanted a supercar. Since none of the supercar of his time were suitable for him or looked good enough for him, he decided to build his own car.
The result is this amazing company, which sadly shares many parts with Volkswagen Group, loosing its artigianal essence. A Lambo's customer doesn't care if the car has some strange rumors or a the interiors aren't refined as the R8's ones. Everything is covered by the stunning V12's sound.

The Aventador is surely a wonderful car, bt not a true ''track day'' car. Too big, wide and heavy to be really fast in strict corners. I think a good Caterham , like the RS500, is faster in at least the half of the European tracks. And it costs something's like 250.000 Euro Even if they were build a SV version (and they surely will do it), the car will remain too big and not agile enough for some tracks. And at the limit, it will show some understeer, because of the weight and the 4WD. I've had the lucky to drive a Murcielago LP 620, incredibly fast on straight roads or fast corners, bt really in troubles in some other situations. Just like the Veyron.
True race cars are another thing, IMO.