Lambo Edo SuperLeggera

AWESOME WORK!!!! You deserve more credit because this is all ZModeler work, not 3DSMax or anything else.

Is this your submission for the lambo contest? I think you will win. ;)


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Awesome work. Looks like you don't need all those 3ds max's tools to get nice models in zmodeler. I'm just wondering where did you get this texture on front bumper. I mean is it from photo or you painted it.
IMHO these bolts on this engine part in rear bumper are too big. Other things are perfect.
Can't wait to see interior :p
Overall this is a really nice model! :) Some edges don't deserve to be Miss America though :p A lot of |\|/|\| instead of |\|\|\| if you know what I mean. These will disturb your reflection, especially in ZModeler, as this isn't one of the best programmes there is for rendering.

Slap a bottom on that car, and it's done, I guess :)


thank you brothers

@ nightEye : well for |\|/|\| instead of |\|\|\| i know about it but i do that to have verry good normals and verry smooth . if my car will be rendered in 3ds max or other advanced programe the reflection will verry similar to the reel one :) ;).

@ janusz_the_maker : thank you :) and that thing is fixed :)


here is my newest projet :)

pictures are tooked from zmod1.7b and the modele is made by zmod1.7 b as always :)



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Can't believe what I see!
You are a master in ZModeler!
What is your technic doin such nice polyflows?Its very harmonic.
I wish I could do that easier without trying on and on before I got it good enough.

You are a perfect candidate for making a ZMod tutorial!
I am really curious what your secret is:awe:
When i look at this lambo and look at my works in z mod and i say OMG what a crap i have ! :D
Great detailed modeling! amazing!) zmod pro!)


hello !!

@ Drivter : thank you brother :)

@ simongibson : thank you :) i thik ill do the interior soon but i still dont know :p

any way if i get any news you'll know about it :).