Koenigsegg Agera R (WIP) Spline Modelling

What method do you use for modelling cars?

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@Xaad Wow thanks for the explanation! I watched a video on Smoothing groups, and got Turbosmooth to work with it, but I don't really get how that open chamfer of yours worked.. I tried doing the same, I chamfered the edges and then deleted the polygons (that's what I thought you did :D), but didn't work. I didn't expect it to, because I deleted the polygons, but still.. Can you tell me what you did if its not too much trouble? :)


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While using Open Chamfer dont use smoothing groups.....
After TS1 collapse , weld or bridge the open chamfered vertices to get the fillet :D
Finally got some time to work on my model. Feels like everything comes up when I try to sit and do the Agera :D

Just a small update, finished the door. Don't mind the place where the door ends, it is just very rough. C&C appreciated! :)


@Tshikhudo Thanks! I hope I can model it well :)

More updates. Just finished modelling and refining the back. Was a challenge making everything smooth, and flow well. There might still be bumps here and there, but I'll try to remove them after I've done a bit more detailing. Need to start some new part now, I'm tired of the back! :D

C&C please! :)



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Took my time to read all the thread just to not say same things someone else said, but it seems not much was said. Lets start with a spline cage while its a good start it could be improved, lots of continuity problems like on roof and stuff like that. Also i noticed that you model parts detached one from other, what i mean by that is that for example if you model hood you chamfer it (or made edge loops) and that is it, then you move to bumper. Since you don't model everything together you get a crease in places where parts meet, like now between front bumper and hood, on some cars this may be good but not in this case since agera has a nice transition between parts. I seen some members post you about technique with ts1, in areas like that bumper-hood meeting it would help a lot. Now a little about the model in last pics, front bumper is wrong and full of bumps, it may have the details but shape is not that good. Also you have varying gap size between parts like in the back of the car. And since started talking about the back the light shape is too round, in reference i can see that tailight shape makes a small triangle with round corners.
Anyway its a good start but there is plenty of room to improve. Some time ago i made a blueprints of older version of this car, so im attaching them, since i think overall shape of car hasn't changed, so they could be used as a good starting point for shape, details can be captured from photos. Wish you good luck with project will keep an eye on it on your improvements.
back copy.jpg font copy.jpg side copy.JPG top copy.JPG

Oscar J

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What you need to do, is to slow down and thoroughly study the car before modelling it. From just one of your screenshots, I could find a number of inaccuracies using a reference picture from roughly the same angle. I don't mean to discourage you - it's up to you if you wan't to consider fixing these things. But one does not simply model a car like this in two days - in order to end up with a geometry resembling of the real thing, you've got to pay close attention to each and every area you're working on.


@yash Thanks dude :)

Thanks for the comments :)

I noticed lots of errors in the spline cage as well when I started, but I tried to get rid of them while modelling.

Actually what I do is something in between. I extrude the end edges from an existing part, then detach the newly formed polygons to create a new part, and try not to touch the original edge to create a smooth transition between parts. Hope you understand :D However, I did see what you said between the bumper and the hood. I tried to make it flow more seamlessly, results in the attached pictures

As for the bumper, I tried to find the bumps in the bumper :)D), and tried to fix it as much as I could. I attached a few pics below, can you tell me if I missed something? As for the shape, the bumper was the only part of the car that changed from the CCX to the Agera :) However, if you meant something else when you said it was wrong, please tell me :)

I'll address the back once I get the front looking good!

Please point out as many mistakes as you can! These forums are home to some of the best work in the industry in my opinion, so I'd like to be as good as the best one day :)



@Oscar J Thanks for the pic. I think I'll listen to you and slow down, and try to get a good shape before I start adding any more details. And you are not discouraging me, I like it when people point out mistakes, it helps me improve! Not many people do it in real life for me :/ That's why I started posting the model on SMCars, to get criticism :)
I'll try to look at more real pictures, match the perspective and look at erors!

P.S. Now that I see my previous message, I put in way too many emoticons :D
Hey Devil,

Very quick progress, but as Minde and Oscar J mentioned you'll probably have to improve the mesh before continuing with details. I'll be watching your thread closely and I am already looking forward seeing more improvements from you..

George ;)
Hey everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know, I have my college starting back up from tomorrow, so progress will be slow :D
Won't be able to work for 2-3 days as I have to move and stuff, but I'll be back then! Stay with me till then! ;)