Jeep/Willys F-75 Drift Pickup


aka chosenlv
Hi guys! I'm back, this is long time project because now don't have a lot of free time to spend all my time on it. But I try to. So ladies and gentlemens want to present you Jeep/Willys F-75 pickup modified to drift pickup inspired by Engineered to Slide drift Toyoto Hilux UTE. All modeled by Me except LS3 engine, it's CAD model imported to 3ds max. I will not sell this model it's for my own so hope will not have problems with that! And it's not stolen found it on few communities with free download only need registration. Ok enough about LS3.

So a bit about this truck:
  • modified exterior, cut
  • custom front grill
  • custom front lip
  • front and rear over fenders
  • custom frame
  • MCA front and rear coilovers
  • custom front knuckles
  • modified Enkei RPF1 because deep dish
  • top chop
  • race cockpit
  • ...
Still working on it and next is rear suspension and axle. I already have S13 dif, so need to model other details for it. And then will model rear part of frame.

Here are few pick of how pickup look at the moment, stay in tune!

f-75_drift_001.jpg f-75_drift_002.jpg f-75_drift_004.jpg
f-75_drift_005.jpg f-75_drift_006.jpg


aka chosenlv
Thnak you. Model made in 3ds max, the LS3 engine is CAD model imported into 3ds max. I used SolidWorks and for CAD modeling I use it.


aka chosenlv
Thank you, it's nice that someone replies :D so it makes sense to continue posting progress here and I have it. Small but anyway, started rear axle and made render for drawing race livery on it (just for idea) and also made Nascar style spoiler. Will continue working and thinking about other exterior details. Guys if you have stunning and crazy ideas - offer ;)

f-75_drift_010.jpg f-75_drift_008.jpg f-75_drift_007.jpg f-75_drift_009.jpg


aka chosenlv
Finish idea of my race livery for pickup, so here is how side looks like, livery will be asymetry with symetrycal sponsor logos.



aka chosenlv
Small update, actually it's not so small :D made rear suspension and other stuff and rear tube frame. Need to work and fix some details in rear and it will be finished!



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Missed this one till now...

Stunning work bro!
Love the fact that you're modeling a permance car, wich originates from something standard!

I'm working on a similair project (see signature) and now the problems you can/will encouter :)
Do you have enough reference materials?