Jaguar XK X100/Aston Martin DB7

Hello. I found artistic portraits on Classic Car Portraits for pre facelift XK8/R Convertible, XK8 Coupe, DB7, DB7 Vantage. I also found on Black Art Graphics DB7 Vantage Volante drawing. Also on Hum2D I found XKs and DB7 Vantage ortographic portraits. Also I found DB7 Vantage blueprint on this forum, which is very useful, and others too. But I want to know if there are any more technical blueprints than the ones already available, especailly post facelift XKR, DB7 GT and DB7 Zagato AR1?
I managed to find AR1 in 2003 owners manual. I wonder, out of workshop, owners, repair manuals, which ones usually have at least 3 views? I know that brochures can have them, but in all the brochures I looked, DB7 doesnt have any, and XK blueprints are warped.