Jaguar Mk2 Blueprints...

Here is a .zip with all of the usefull bits from a Tamiya model of the car. I haven't been seen these anywhere(hobbysearch doesn't have them either) so here they are.

It has the regular black and white blueprints(T,S,F,B) and also the color blueprints fom the box(all four again). Also in the zip are the bits of the instructions that show the interior and underside of the car.

Basically everything you need to make one except the reference photos, which are neccesary, as parts of the Tamiya prints aren't super-accurate, like the front end.

The main blueprint in there is 1024x1226, which is very large and clean, as well. I also have the same thing at 2640x3160, which is really much bigger than anyone needs, but if someone wants it maybe i can send it to them, though i don't see why you would need them that big.



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Sweet, large prints of a car that cant be found else where. thanks this is a great addtion, thanks for the donation and I hope someone else finds them usefull as well.