Italian style vs money


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Thought alot where to put it, but being this forum basically a cars' showcase, probabilly this is the right place.

Luckly money can't buy everything, class and fashion are some examples. Italy is fell in a crisis it never will come out, but at the most we keep taste for beauty still, at least.

In the first set u can see what pathetic and useless money's show off can do, the damages which ignorance and quick enrichment can sadly provoche.




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Italian style

This is what i mean for my beloved italian style :)

My 2 cents:
The cars of the first post, apart from the ridiculous and vulgar customizations, have design issues just themselves. The Tata doesn't deserve any comment of course, the Murcy and Aventador basically carry forward a design invented by Marcello Gandini in 1970, so, however good looking, nothing's new under the Sun.
The 996 is the worst and ugliest 911 ever.
The Veyron, Phantom Drophead and the Continental have a common feature: They're all clumsy and cubbish since they suggest staleness instead of lightness and sense of speed as such a level car should intimate at the first impression. They're simply heavy at the sight, and i don't care how good they are technically.
The SLR is gawky and disproportionate with that absurdely long front and the short rear end.

Now, look for example at that Lancia Flaminia Touring (sixth pic from the upper left): It seems to run however parked. It looks elegant, sporty , light and refined all together. Or the black Quattroporte GTS MkI, although so big it seems quite little , shapely and please look at the Rolls...just a tank compared to the Maserati.
What about the Aurelia B20 Gt (seventh pic from the upper left)? Or the Maserati A6G? Or the Giulietta Spider? Or the Aprilia Bertone-Revelli di Beaumont? Don't they deserve to be watched for hours and hours like modern sculptures?

Anyway...just my personal opinions.