Is an automatic car good for driving if you find manual driving hard?

I have had many lesson's in a manual car but I still cannot get the clutch pedal and all that in my head. Do you think it would be easier in an automatic for me?

Are automatic good car's and what are the bad points about them? Would love to hear your reviews
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Well I have driven both manual and automatic... For me the automatic is too boring, makes me sleepy. :D It will eat more fuel and the car itself won't be so responsive.
I think you just need a little more practice on the manual. You have to get that far so you shouldn't think about it at all and could follow the road and signs.
Good luck! :)
much more comfortable to drive automatic in town, especially in much traffic. manual gearbox might make the difference in winter though if you happen to get stuck, you wouldnt wanna try to balance the car back and forth on an automatic...
then again i believe automatic gearboxes are harder to break


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And another thing about automatic - usually they can be towed only at a really low speed otherwise it will be damaged. And if your battery runs out of power, you won't be able to start with towing or pushing. You will need to charge it.
And @rickyss. Automatics are harder to break if you drive like a granny... :D Otherwise any quicker acceleration can cause a little damage and also automatic has a lot more parts to break. Also you have to be very careful with used cars with automatic gearbox. It would be worth it to take the car to some professionals who can evaluate the condition of the gearbox.

And sorry I think I am scaring the devil out of you... :D Automatic isn't bad at all and if you think it is easier for you to drive it then do it. :)
stick with manual there easy just play with the biting point on the clutch till you get the hang of it, there faster corner better and gearbox dont break as easy, i dont know why in some countrys people cant do manual because in uk around 90% of cars are manual and only reason theres automatics is because there either range rovers or people prefer cruising


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I had an automatic before it got stolen, have a manual now. The one thing i miss? Traffic was not nearly as frustrating cos it was so much less work... If you get an automatic car make sure it's got ample power. The last thing you want to do is get a 1300 thing that you have to rev the nuts off it to go anywhere, a small engined auto is very heavy on juice for this reason.


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IMO... People who lives in city or nearby choose Automatic over Manual is because, of traffic and frequent stop lights. Image how much time you'd have to change clutch when approaching to stoplights or traffic in front of you... This will cause short life on flywheel, and its pretty expensive to replace it.

People who lives in country love manual because they don't have to deal with brake then gas then brake then gas when going on curve road running out gas quickly.

So pro and cons there... If you live in city or near city get Automatic, if outside or driving on road without frequent stop lights, get manual unless you have $$$ to pay for flywheels that worn out fast. Up to you
if you've learned driving with a manual gearbox once, you do it without thinking about it.
So you've got not Problem in the city traffic.
Manual shifting gives you more control about the car.
So you can drive a bit more efficient in the traffic jams.
long story short, it might cost you some repairs after the first year of driving manual, but if you stat with automatic, you will be sold for life and it will be very hard to drive a manual car later if the situation will require it


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Try drive manual in NYC or LA... you'll hate manual. I love manual myself, but it depends on place where frequent go by. Not only that, it depends on type of car too... Some cars manual system sucks!
not sure, here in uk every 1 has a manual and i live in a city and id still never get an automatic unless it was a executive car like a range rover or jag that only comes with automatic, i dont mind the constant changing gears as i do it with out thinking about it but it is anoying in traffic so il leave it in second if the road is flat and keep it on the biting point to move me steadily