Interactive Suspension Rig

Hello peoples!

Time to give something back to smcars!

Software: 3D max 9.0

Ive been working on this for a while now, and im finally done (allmost..).
(This is a much more advanced suspension rig than the one in the 3ds 8 tut..)
This is a interactive suspension rig. Wich means, u can manually controll the suspension up
and down and see the spring compress itself, and u can controll the angle of the steering.
You will see when you try:grin: Its a complicated setup, but easy to controll.
Every litle component interacts with each other, but I have locked the steering radius, so it will stop before it gets to sharp, and the damper will stop the compression where it naturally would...
Sorry for my bad english, but hope you understand;)

A tutorial on how to controll the whole thing and how to connect your rim and tire will follow up shortly! I realy hope you will like this one. And if you use it, give som cred to me:roll:


very nicely done, i was working on getting a suspesion rig goin when i modeled my camaro, but i could never get it all to work together, nicely done!!

have you thought about writing a tutorial on how to rig it up on another model??

thanks from the ppl at Smcars

The IC

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very nice, although when i tried to rotate the arm at the bottom on the Y-axis, it seemed to snap to either the very top or very bottom? when i rotated it on the free axis thing, it worked fine though...i couldnt see anything that was causing it (and yes, the rotation snap button was off :p)
I have thought about writing a tutoial on it from the very beginning. So if there are many of you who want to know where to start, give me a hint, and I will give it a try.

The IC:
Yes, I know about the problem and Im trying to solve it:)
Im planning to start writing the tutorial within the next days:) My written english are not that good, but Il try to make it easy to understand:)
Would it be ok with a PDF file?
I was thinking about doing something like this for my animation today when i was making a coffee...Great donation. I'm getting right on it to see how it works:)