Importing Woes

I'm trying to move forward on a project, and largely I'm using character assets made for an obscure sort of dancing game by fans. For whatever reason, people who made fan models of the series I'm making fan animations of have been drawn to produce for THIS game almost exclusively.
I found, from what I can tell, the only viable converter of the game's format into Max and basically it seems to work perfectly as far as models, rigs and UV's, making an FBX file I can import.
So far I've only encountered two real problems, which I'm hoping are something I can either tolerate or deal with.
Both issues come not from rig errors or anything destructive but from scaling issues. As any good Max user knows, you're absolutely playing with fire by messing with a rigged character's scale if you want to edit it in any meaningful way. Scaling the bones to fit your scale means anything at the edit-mesh/poly level remains tiny and is likely to just break while you're working.
In my case, morphing data (if any existed) wouldn't import, as per usual with game files, so I'll have to make my own.
I can change units on import to adjust the scaling factor, but this game's units are just a different beast. I've only been able to get in the ballpark of accurate without a means of tweaking the scale factor directly. This COULD be acceptable, just ignoring differences in the physics with eight foot tall characters and scaling up the world around them to fit. As long as they're consistent and the rigs are stable I should only need to do a "save/import skin" on a handful of characters to keep things copacetic.tweakbox appvalley
Hell, I might have to do that anyway, because I can't trust some random fan modeler kept consistency between the heights of certain characters.
The DEALBREAKER is that my importing method is consistently doing a mirror import. Basically, the characters are all inverted along the X axis, so readily identifiable asymmetry (lost limbs/eyes, facial scars) are in EXACTLY the wrong places. THIS is an even bigger problem because in a lot of cases the SKELETON is asymmetrical but flipped as well.
The first problem I can live with, but this one I can't. I'm sure not animating my scenes flipped so I can flip it back in post so it looks right.
I can't find any import options that might change this, but I have to feel like this is any easy fix somehow. Certainly not by mirroring the model or skeleton, but some scene tweak that will give me the result I need.
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