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So the car was never raced in the green paint scheme back in '81?
yeah, it was green in 1981 aswell...i believe it was only red for the 1981 Bathurst 1000, every other ATCC round it ran that year it was green

The renders are good, but not that interesting. They're lacking a good ground shadow to really place the car in the scene. Also you could try going for a more interesting angle, maybe some closeups with some depth of field.
im holding off on doing fancy renders until the end when ive done the cars i have planned to do, otherwise ill just get bogged down...this setup is just something i cobbled together to work with whatever car i chuck in there without having to mess around with it...im going to do some big group renders, i took a massive batch of reference photos of the Bathurst pit straight/grid area when i was up there last year
Love your old touring car collection and you have great skills, its nice to see someone that loves their Holdens and Fords too!!!!, also I think any car can be cool if you have the ability to make it that way!!!!!!.