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righto, since the SuperGT thread will most likely just be painting the 2009 schemes, im going to start some aussie Group A and Group C touring car stuff aswell...im not going to focus on any particular year, firstly because i severely doubt i could get the reference for an entire years field, secondly because theres been quite a few interesting cars over the decades that i want to do

ive started the EA/EB Ford Falcon that ran from 1992 to 1994 first, theres lots of stuff wrong at the moment, but hey, its something to work from...the VN/VP Holden Commodore will come next, cant have one without the other :grin:

heres some youtube vids of em...unfortunately the only picture reference ive collected so far is about the same resolution as the vids :(...the early 90s seems to be a black hole for reference, i noticed that with the NASCAR stuff too...ill persevere though

YouTube - Best drive in a touring car race ever????
YouTube - Bathurst 1994 Lowndes v Bowe
YouTube - ATCC 1993 Round 2 Race 1 Symmons Plains

so...enjoy :)


Nice stuff as usual Ian, but man, did you have to start with the lemon out of the Falcons? Those things were notorious for brake-failures and just general breaking :p

Wouldn't mind seeing some of the early XC Cobra touring cars and such from you!! No school like the old school 8)
you're into racing cars lately uhh? :p Not that i mind, i love them and this looks like another wonderfull start. Just wondering when you wil start a scene!
This thread is going to be good to follow.
You plan to do any of the cars before it turned in Ford vs Holden? It would be cool to see Allan Moffet's Mustang ;)
i know this is a massive ask, but any chance i could get hold of a low poly version of the body?
it would help HUGELY in a project i'm doing.

or even some blueprint style shots of the basic body to work from.

fantastic to see some Aussie stuff :D
Looks great, care to show any wires?

Oh, The IC, was it you who made the video on youtube with the Celicas and max's reactor sytem? I watched that for ages :)

The IC

uses too many smileys
now now, calm down, no need for the tribal rage in here...they BOTH break down lots and keep mechanics in a job! xDxDxD

updates...the rear bumper and wing struts are pretty much just a guess...i simply dont have the pics to fix them at the moment

@Doc: cos i like the Shell ones, thats why :p...and yeah, ill probably do an XC Cobra down the track

@schaefft: well...off you go then, nothings stopping you :p

@Erik_S: lol...im pretty sure ill have a scene done for the SuperGT stuff this time round

@drive55: hmmm...i might later on...i was more interested in going backwards through the years from this point though

@scooter79rs: yeah, i plan on doing older cars...not sure which ones yet, i havent thought that far ahead ...although i know Moffats '83 RX7 will be on the list :D

@EFFalcon: im using these ones which zum found, theyre slightly out, but still pretty damn good http://www.smcars.net/forums/ford/28486-ford-australia-ea-falcon-1988-a.html

@eddybrown: nah, i didnt do any reactor videos...you got a link? im curious to see what it is now :uhh: