IAA 2011 Impressions


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Nice pictures, did you take them???? I like them all, especially the one where you can see an Audi R8 near an old Audi Quattro..... beautiful image. And the Veyron one, great body paint.


Awesome pics you've taken! I kind of like the details on the Italia, although I don't like the car. The frontpage image is fantastic ,too! What was the most interesting show there?




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I like the BMW's and the audi's. Those surfaces have so many washouts, how did they do it? lol

what is with the VW fender's. I don't like it. The land rover was interesting. And what is with that Bugatti's paint job I don't think it as artistic as you all do i kind of like simpler paint job's on cars like that but that is just me :p

Great pictures thanks for sharing! I enjoyed looking at those way way too much :)


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That veyron sooooo reminds me of the zebra flow checker =) that italia front is sexy as hell also! nice pictures, thanks for sharing!