How to put a car I made into NFS Shift II????


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It's possible, there is some pack with cars, one of it comes from SpeedHunters. It's some kind of DLC. Try to search your question in developers forums!
some times ago i used these tools to convert nfs_shift2 cars into GTA IV
its easy to use
in order to open the car in z_modeler u need to extract the cars file into
specific categories such as (meb/bml) files
fallow these steps:
after extracting the files fire up quickbms.exe
then it ask's u to select the script (u should select 'nfs shift bms script.txt')
secondly it will ask to chose the cars folder
(if i don't mistake it should be named as'Pakfiles').
open that folder then open the vehicles folder
and finally chose the car that u want to be used *each car has 2 file (1=outside 2=Cockpit)
when you extract the car stuff in your favorite folder that's ready to be used by Z_modeler
first import the textures in Z_modeler then import the car
then u are able to see the whole car Skeleton and more

***the rar file password is (((mehrdad995gta)))***

to download the file just click on the red area (i high lighted it)
excuse me for my terrible English :)

download link: Shift2_Tools



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Thanks Mehrdad995GTa, I'm going to try that!!!! In the meanwhile, I found this forum at NOGRIPRACING
I just registered there, let's see if they help me out :D

Cheers!!! Shifting!!! Gooooooo :thumbsup: