Honda NSX Mobil 1 JGTC

well i bought the model of this about 4 months ago and kept the blues a secret for a long time but i scanned it twice one for Zmod use and 3d max and other program uses remember Tamiya Fucked up on there Print or cutting because the Blueprint was Slanting to the left so i scanned it the way they are i hope these are good for you guys :D

There are no rules, rules deleted

the one in the Zip is



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there was no record of this Print being Put up i been here everyday for almost the past 2 1/2 years no record of the JGTC NSX was posted if it was posted it would of been in the in the Honda but its not so there NO RECORD
I swear Da Motax posted the exactly same print, he got it from me, and i got it from someone else...
And why all these stupid rulez? its just a bluepint.. :?
Since neither Sub or Motax posted this (or a similar) print, I'll let this one stay..
And I already deleted the 'rules' yesterday :wink: