Holden XU-1 Torana

This is my best version of an Holden XU-1 Torana 3d model so I thought I'd upload it as a blueprint for others to try make one I can make a vector drawing of it if needed .

I also have 2 other 3d models I will upload later of "Peter Brock's Big Banger 1985 VK Commodore", and an Holden SS Torana Hatch.

I will do outline or vector drawings of them if asked ok.

Trawling across the internet, looking for some Aussie muscle to try and carve out on my cnc. I have exhausted much 2D and 2.5D artworks on my machine and I am now looking for something 3D to do on a newly acquired 4th axis rotary table. Would you be willing to share the blueprints so I could "have-a-go" and see what I can produce?

Kindest Regards, Baz
The pictures you see above are all I have I do have the 3D model and can do a vector later on but I am doing a media course at the moment till November this year so too busy at moment.

I made the 3D model from a picture of the side shot of an XU-1 Torana.

So If you "Save Picture As" and crop the picture in Photoshop you should be able to use the "line tool" on a new layer to make templates of the front side back and top sorry I can't help anymore than that all the things to that model are on a hard drive I don't use much and don't know where it is lol .