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My mate asked me if I could create the ultimate VL turbo for him, as he has begun a rebuild of his own.

I have put this into Advanced as it will be a fully detailed photo-esque production.

As always pls send critiques.

*Pls not it IS still in WiP, many of the engine bay parts are not finished (ie throttle body, brake booster/lines etc)

Creating braided lines absolutely sucked!



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Hey mate, looks great and I can't wait to see progress! Just curious, where did you find the blueprints for this car?
I used the following pics off google:


and used PS to distort them a little.


wire2.jpg wire9.jpg wire8.jpg wire3.jpg wire4.jpg wire5.jpg ,

Also been playing around with PP. I know you hate it prior to meshing being finished but I cant help it :D
VL.jpg vl5.jpg


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Sure, though as you can see the physical mesh itself is just a rendered curved line, I just did some trickery to create the material.

The material is Mental Ray polished steel diamond plate, with the bump map replaced with this herringbone pattern which took me hours to find. Also have to add it as an instance into the diffuse bitmap or the bump isn't dark enough. Tweaked the reflective properties and here it is :D

I have shared it cos it took me so long to find it, as it is different as it has shaded depth. I cant remember where I found it.


Hmm, is there anything you can do with that Cylinder Head Cover? Looks a bit too flat, theres just something about it. Hmm, also I think the lenses on the headlights may need a bit more work to them. Just trying to give you some pointers. :)

Looks great other wise. :)


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Thanks for the feedback D. i had it with an anodised red material but it just looked weird. I want it sorta dark red, not chrome or black. Ill keep on it and might soften the edges a bit and raise it up.

Also I think the bump map needs to be smaller on the headlights and slightly more opaque....
Ah, well as long as it's actually fine from a different perspective, then it's all good. I'm looking forward to more from you though. You should consider doing a falcon from say the E or B series.