High Rollers Contest: The Big Dodge


Nice start. If you want to go for high level of details, I suggest to add some welds to this frame right now : it will be painful and boring to do it later, but it will really add realism to your work.

Keep us updated !
Well nice to see someone starting with a cage. I look forward to this... The Big Dodge.. this should be interesting. So far it looks good, Tom has a good suggestion too. He'd know I'm sure his Atom he built had lots of welds in it.


No welds in my Atom (see link in signature for pictures) because I lacked of time, but I did perform some test to visually check if it was really adding something to the chassis. And yes it does !


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Looks like a nice start Kran, good luck on the rest of it, if looks anything like your frame i'm sure it will be awesome!
You are totally right.
I will post others big renders, i hope better thans this one. (I have problems to perform good lighting with Blender).


Wow.. the way you are starting out with yellow makes me really look forward to this even more. It means you have a plan ( I hope lol) that has some kind of theme to it, maybe even with fancy graphics on the side. Anyhow looks great so far. Look forward to the shocks.

I tried a gray render, but it is so... gray.

Anyway, let's go to the result.

With a picture in color.
(For Icekid84, yes, i have a plan :evil:)


Love the detail so far, its very much your own , which is what I really like. That was one of the big things that I liked about the contest, developing your own frame and what not for it to work.
Thanks to all of you.

Now, what will be on the top: a dodge charger.
Very simple because i only just need the "silhouette" of the beast. And because a pick-up dodge charger don't exist. o_O
But i love this car, so let's go.


nice . charger pickup .. hum ..maybe they will make .real one .because .they see your model .. by the way

how did u find.. all the resource .for big foot chassis .. nice work ..man ...

good luck .