High Rollers Contest: Cortina P100


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well, I thought long and hard about what would work for a bigfoot, and be original... slightly comical, but still taken seriously when done properly..
I was going to do a GTX, but it would have looked wierd.

So... after carefull thought, and watching one too many episodes of the proffesionals, I have decided upon a 1983 Ford Cortina P100 Mk5 (same year I was born too! :p )

I found an awsome site for refs + prints (I think the prints are on here too) :: Cortina Ute - P100

Im going off the british name here, but I believe the Cortina was also known as - Taunus, + Sierra overseas.

anyway onto the details,

This will be a Low poly build, looking at 20k.
Going for normal maps, LOD's, basically full Game Ready job.

Slow progress so far, and I will only be working on this in whatever very little free time I have, usually on Sundays, so dont expect mega updates... its going to take me right up to the deadline probably :(

Anyways, so far we have........ *drum role* ..... a wheel lol
I've gone for a wide tread on it, thought it looked funky :D



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Looks like a nice start so far. I didnt even know the cortina came out in a ute, lol.
Should look pretty cool I reckon


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thanks guys,

sorry for lack of updates, my internet has been down for over a week now :(

anyways, now im rollin again, heres an update!

I've gone for an old skool wide kit on it, this is not only for 80's style, but also because the cortina is alot thinner than I originally thought, so it looked dwarfed when I put the tires to it.

anyways, I've got big plans for this, just starting on the frame work and then I will finish off the body details etc.

will also mention, I am going for full 80's feel to this, even the final renders ;)



Knowing what you are capable.. this is going to be a real treat I'm sure. So far it looks really nice. Though you are teasing us with out the symmetry modifier hehe.


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sorry guys, but yet again I might have to duck out of a contest...

I've just set up a new band ( MySpace.com - Sedition - UK - Metal / Rock / Blues - www.myspace.com/callforsedition ) so all of my spare time is being dedicated to that... cause music is my life :)

I will try and get something to show for this... im tempted to just texture her up how it is, no interior and make a quick scene for it... I have a few things I could shove together,

whens the absolute deadline for submissions? and ill try get some renders up for it
too bad! I loved your entry, but at the other hand. Im in a band too and i know how much fun and time consuming it could be. So good luck with your band ;) And have fun!