HELP! Need spline cage tutorial

Hey guys,

I've been searching on this website, google etc. and have never found a complete tutorial on how to create a spline cage on a car. Can someone please give me a link or something else?
Because I read that spline modeling is much easier than starting with a plane (I don't know how its called)
If possible, a tutorial for 3ds

I don't think its easier because splines need precise blueprints and they're 2d but working with polys you have all of viewports and many times improvisation is needed. splines could be easier for architectural Vis.


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Well it's not really easier but it has much more advantages.

You won't need any tutorials because it's really easy to understand the workflow.

1.A Just find your blueprints and place them into your scene.
1.B Find reference pictures of the car with exif data or shoot some yourself to get the lens data. So you can
recreate the cameras. 2-3 views are minimum, the more the better.
1.A, then B for best accuracy. Because if your cam isn't that accurate you will do an inaccurate cage and will struggle yourself trough the views. So, better create the rough cage out of the blueprints and then go further with the ref pics.

2. Just start with creating splines. Preferably create dummy wheels (as circles) and adjust the cam for every angle. And then start with rough thinks like shoulder line, window frames and so on.

You don't need tutorials if you have such a community like SMCars. Just start your project and everyone will try to help you. :)

Good luck.