[Good Old 80's] Nissan 180sx

Yes it's the good ol' 180sx. I'm making the 1989 version (zenki) and hopefully I will have enough motivation to make a modified version after.

Sorry for making you guys open this without having any progress but I am already stuck.

When I set up the blueprints, the front and top views came out stretched. But when I render it, it comes out normal. This is bugging me and I have no idea what to do. So any assistance would be great.



No critics so far from me ;) And as I'm Blender user, there is little chance I can help you. Maybe you can post about this problem in the dedicated section for your software.

PS : You're right about not waiting critics until you posted some start of the car.
I'll just leave it here for a bit and see if anyone has a solution. If not, I'll post it in the dedicated software thread. I don't wanna waste a topic if you know what I mean.


You should keep this thread for your progress on modeling the car. If you want more visibility about your problem, post another thread to make sure people understand you've a problem.

Because on first look to your post, I didn't understood there was a problem, so maybe others can be as dumb as me ;)
Still having problems. I have done the Reset X-Form from Utilities and I have also tried downloading a couple free ones but they didn't seem to work. I'll post this problem in General Discussions.
Cropped the blueprints in Photoshop.
Made each plane corresponding in size of the blueprints;
front viewport - side blueprint
top viewport - top blueprint
left viewport - front blueprint
right viewport - rear blueprint
In the Asset Browser, I dragged each image onto the plane.

It usually works fine with every other model I've done. I don't know what's going on right now.
TADA! Problem solved thanks to multimediaman. Went through so much crap on the IRC channel but it all came down to the blueprints being too high-res and my graphic card couldn't handle it. How embarrassing. Well time for bed! Updates soon!