[Good old 80's] Ferrari F40 (1987)

Hi guys, here is what I got so far.
The hood has been an headache, because of blueprints inaccuracy :? It remains to add the front intakes and the badge hole.

C&C of course, and enjoy the contest !!

Cheers Dario.


Updates again. Fixed edges, added headlights and rims.
The materials are in test phase, so crit to help me improving them.

Cheers, Dario



The paint is not exactly rosso corsa. Otherwise it looks as it should be.
The headlight materials (both white and orange) needs to be more shiny, they're too pale as of now.

You should add a sidewall bumpmap to your tire. To match the quality level of your model, you'll also have to model the thread : a simple bumpmap won't do the job.

You have a small bump below the side air intake.
The inner corners of this air intake should also be sharper.
You have to add a black grid in the 3 air intakes.
Also, a small black lip is missing, at the very bottom of bumper.

Please check this refpic : http://cll.hemmings.com/uimage/750076-1600-1201.jpg

Keep it up, you're doing well.
Thanks tom, all of what you've spotted is already in my blacklist :grin:
And I miss your refpic (very useful, btw) !!
As for the sidewall & tread, the tire is at wip stage, just a placeholder for the rim (95% done).
Your comments are very precious as usual, and it's way much easier to model with such a contribute.

Updates soon,
Cheers, Dario