[Good old 80's] BMW e30 *stopped, car changed*

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Here's my car for the contest. I will slightly modify it, not gonna make original bumpers for it but nothing too radical thou. I like this BMW as stock as possible. Anywhos here's what I've done sofar. Since this is gonna be more gamemodel I put it here, no plans to put it in any game sofar.

Still in early stage, not satisfied to some areas. C&C always welcomed ;)


The nose doesn`t look very accurate, I don`t know why exactly though. The waistline of the car doesn`t curve properly relative to the red line I drew.

Looks very good otherwise.



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Didn´t the one rule say?
"Car have to be made as it came out of the factory(original rims and etc.)"

So is it OK to modify it, Johnas? =P

Anyway looks like a nice start.
Ah missed that one, yes you're right. Then I have to fix it to look right. Thanks for noticing :)


Yea front exactly is the place that I'm not satisfied. I guess it's too flat atm, should be curved more. Other issue you showed, I haven't made the curve to it yet ;)
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