[Good old 80's]Alfa Rom eo GTV6|Porsche924|Ferrari Mondial (56K warning.)


Amazing !

I'm a huge fan (like many) of the GTV6 and your model looks really lovely. The others cars are good as well, especially the interior of the Porsche : you managed to capture the ambiance of interiors of that period, that's a great achievement.

Keep us updated of your future projects. Congratulations, again !

PS : Try to use the attachment system next time. Or please put thumbnails to your pictures.
Oh didnt know,this was a contest forum but why not, i may join too,dont expect ultra hi quality renders from me tho,these are just models made in zmod,using a crappy laptop :D Hmm i think the mondial would be the most approriate car to join with since the other cars have history before 80ties.
Yeah, have to agree, those textures are just awesome. Wish I could make such things in Photoshop. But atm, I know nothing about it.:grin:
That is some fantastic work. The models are great, but what really shines are your textures... Ive tried my best to learn to do things like that but it just doesnt ever stick or I never find a tutorial that truely explains what I want to know. Anyhow fantastic work your texture work just blows away anything Ive seen in a long time.
Holy mother of god!
Thats realy is some amazing work! Specialy the texturing...
Maybe you can write a little tutorial on how you do all the texturing ?:)
Should be realy handy for a texture newb as me :p

But keep up with these badass rides!

thanks all for the kind comments.Actually im planning to write a texturing tutorial.Ive been receiving a lot of requests for that so if i can find some more extra free time in the next couple of months,i'll write one.


Sorry to be picky, but there is a rule in the 80's contest saying : "You cant use older models"

sin5k4, you should precise what car you're entering with, and if you really started it after the contest start (that is, December 09th) I'm not saying you started earlier or later, I just want you to say if it's the case or not.

What is sure is that if you conform to the rules, then I know who will win the lowpoly semi-final of the contest. We'll see for the whole contest with the highpoly model that will be submitted.

Edit : a tutorial from you should be a must-read. I can't wait to put my hands on it !
You'll find I rarely ever if ever used the word "godlike" to describe someone’s work. Sure Ive seen some great high poly and even low poly work. But the level of technique and detail your implore on your models is just amazing. If you ever make a tutorial I will definitely give it a read and try and learn it because that’s amazing.