[Good old 80's] 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera SL


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Alright folks, here's another update :D :D :D

Most of the details are final... there's some missing trim at the bottom of the car, at the rear door. Surprisingly, it's not the top part, but it's the bottom part. There's chrome trim all around at the side, yet the black trim doesn't have a part at the rear. Not sure where they were going with that, but it's in my model now too :p

The mirror is definitely not final.. I thought since the actual model had somewhat sharp edges on the mirror that the 3d version could go without smoothing there, but it just looks out of place. plus I think several shapes are off.

also some areas I forgot smoothing groups, so if you notice those, they will be corrected, so bare with me :p

The face count is 7,624 without the wheels. With the wheels it rockets up to 34,568 faces.

Anyway, that's it for this update . And btw, there is no rear yet, despite however "done" the car may look
Yeah, you are right, the rearmirrors do not look okay like that. But the rest looks great.:) But more than 7000 polies for one wheel?^^

Could you post a wire of your car and, dunno if I already asked you, do you plan an interior and engine for it?


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Okay, first things first, I got a new mirror, fixed the smoothing issues I mentioned in the last update, and fixed a couple other minor issues. I'm ready to start the rear end of the vehicle, and detail out a couple chassis details so it doesn't look like a shell of a body with a flat plane on the bottom... lol

and in addition to those issues that were fixed, I also have new wheels. The first ones were built intending to be used in a wheel close-up view, where someone was actually going to change the wheel, and have some interesting close-ups of the wheel and stuff. The other three new models are for level of detail control so that my car doesn't end up at 200,000 triangles when it's halfway across a parking lot in the distance from the camera.

When I get the rear and the chassis done, I'm going to move on to make the XLO car model. Should be about 400 faces or so


Nice wheels, the 3000 tris one would be perfect for game use. But whats the long form of xlo? I only know vlo or lod for the less detailed meshs far away.
Amazing work MMM, this really is very subtle work that is just hard to not like. Though I'm not keen on the car i can appreciate the attention to detail thus far :)


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got a little more done on the vehicle...

I'm wanting to go all out with this one, and get as many vehicles as I can with just modeling one vehicle.

So that's the basis behind this update.

The first order of buisness is the fact it's now a 1989-1990-1991? model, AND a 1991?-1992-1996 model.

The brake lights are basically the only determining factor I've seen between the two, other than possible minor cosmetic changes in the interior. The wheels may be a factor too.

But in good "customization" faith, I've modeled out the stock wheels for this vehicle, and hubcap, in both HP and MP models as described earlier in this thread.

I also intend to make a "racing version, and I'm deciding between various wheels for the racing version...

Pondering the following wheels for the racing version:

ASA Em9 (link - 1000x1000px)
BBS RGF (link - 400x400px)
BBS RX (link - 1000x1000px)
BBS VZ (link - 600x600px)
Enkei RPF1 (link - 400x400px)
Enkei WDM (link - 600x578px)
Kazera KZ (link - 400x400px)
Motegi TrakLite (link - 800x800px)
OZ Chrono HT (link - 400x400px)
OZ Ultraleggera (link - 1000x1000px)
Sport Edition CD (link - 400x400px)
SSR Type C (link - 400x400px)

I'm a little unsure of the tires to use though.

My gut tells me that the Goodyear Eagle w/ ResponsEdge would be a good fit: (link - 250x307px)

but I was also considering these:
BF Goodrich TA (link - 250x250px)
Bridgestone Potenza RE01 (link - 250x250px)
Dunlop Direzza Sport (link - 250x250px)
Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 (link - 255-194px)
Goodyear Eagle F1 All-Season (link - 200x200px)
Kumho Ecsta MX (link - 250x250px)

Sooo yeah, I'll probably end up making all those wheels and tire textures at one point in time, but it'd be cool to have some opinions on which tires/wheels would be coolest on a racing cutlass ciera :grin: :roll:

Anyway, here's the progress pictures. :p


nice idea, i think the kazera KZ would look great on it, maybe with the goodrich rubber?, i cant see any deep dish rims which would look awsome on this car


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alright folks, here's some more images. I got this stuff done tonight. The brake drums are a tad rough, but they're merely the LP versions. The higher-poly version has yet to be modeled.

There's a couple things I need to do before I'm "finished" with the exterior, mainly a keyhole on the boot, and some seperation for the windows from the pillars, as they're flat, and the shadowing/reflections and stuff may be compromised.

The other main thing is to get the separations of the body panels going on.

This model is not going to have doors, hood, or trunk that opens, unless plans change.


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looking fantastic...i want to see this racing version your planning though...a racing cutlass that isnt a nascar would be a rare wouldnt it? :p


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actually the ciera wasn't the cutlass used in nascar... so this racing version will be extraordinarily rare and unique :p

anyhoo, based off the reference pic, I think the front wheels may have disc brakes. So that's yet another thing to edit.

With that bit of info, I may never need an MP brake drum, since I'm only showing the front wheel removed in Motor City...

I just may draw some quick sketches of the plans for the racing version...

Okay, here's a quick update to my update:

-got the windows indented (may need more indentation)
-got the headlights modeled out
-modeled out a couple insignias and the boot keyhole
-HP disc brakes for the front now, instead of the incorrect drums as seen in previous pictures.
-fixed the frame and suspension arms
-area shadows need to die for messing up my front bumper's looks.

and a personal note to myself... ADD MORE SPRING reps to the front shocks!


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alright, unless I get unexpected progress done on this yet tonight (which I don't expect to get any more than this done), here's my update for today.

I decided to take it a step further and really work the model for all it's worth. There is now a 1987 version to go with my 1989 and 1992 models.

what the internet has failed to show me is whether the 1987 model has the "wrap-around" tail lights, or the 1989 tail lights.

Anyway, I'm debating whether to do the interior for the contest. the deadline is getting nearer, and I've got a lot on my plate, what with jobhunting, the scale modeling, blueprinting, and other ways to fritter away my time :p

Anyway, the main things I've completed for this update are:
-1987 exterior ?completed?
-1989 exterior completed
-1992 exterior completed
-door seams have been created
-minor issues fixed.
-front spring reps added
-brake lights modeled out
-inset side windows more
-minor fix on rear bumper

So here's the images! :grin: (mirrored geometry has not been attached/welded yet)