[Good old 80's] 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera SL


Thanks for the piece of information. If it's really as simple as projecting photographic prints from side/front/rear view, that's a nice idea to have a quick good looking result. It may be of use for background vehicles.


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okay folks, here's an update (finally)

seems like forever since I've been working on this car (even though it's only been a week)

got the wheels modeled, and finished the bottom of the front bumper, and added the little license plate doodad.

Textured version again is just blueprints slapped onto the models



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Looks fantastic!
That guy even modeled a little balance weight for the wheels.Awsome details!
I really think about of redoing my 91-96 Caprice and Impala SS because of this car.
Maybe I will,we'll see.


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Well schaefft,I know that you would love to see it in better quality.
Main reason is the way this Olds is modeled.
I will try that interesting way multimediaman used splines for 3d blueprints.
Yeah I already used complete 3d models as BPs but splines,no.
Only time will tell cause the stupid fukkahn Bundeswehr (german army)is getting on my nerves right now.
If I start to redo it it will be the 1st April 08...

Back to topic:)


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It is a day of reckoning.

Motor City, which I was modeling this for, is not going to be a solo project. There's just no way I alone can make that happen, no matter what detail level I set. With this detail level, it's just not feasible.

You see, eventually I was wanting to bring in some volunteers to help model stuff for Motor City, and all that good stuff. But who is going to want to reproduce models of this calibur... for free?

100,000-face models? for free? Not only will it be impossible to find volunteers willing to do that, but it'd also be impossible for them to find the time needed to complete that, even if they are willing.

So this ridiculous-amount-of-detail shot will be my last. It's just not a wise move to try to make motor city vehicles this complex.

I'm going to redo this car to be similar quality to what you'd expect in Grand theft auto 4. no more than 20,000 faces. It's still supposed to look very realistic and all, but I want the scheduling and amount of effort put forth to be realistic as well. Considering it's taken me two weeks to make just a small fraction of the car, that's just not good.

So here's the pic I rendered off anyway...



I agree with you about the huge work amount it is. As I said earlier, I'm really interested in doing such a project. But to be honest, with me and with you :
- I'm really neither interest nor skilled for texturing the cars and the city.
- I think I could do the modeling job (in terms of free time and skills) but I'm not sure to be fan of the cars you've chosen.
- I'm really interested in the programming job, if there is one : I'm not sure you just don't have everything done within your 3D software. But if there is one, I think you're pretty done now.

So I think you can consider me in as a volunteer only, for modeling job if the cars are of interest to me (please post a list) or for software development if any.

I hope for you there will be more volunteers, especially more interested and more skilled ones. Good luck, your project is insane but astonishing !
20k will be good polycount me thinks, makes your work easier of course.

I'd be still interested but I just not have enough time to help


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The olds looks really great mate.

I would help you out but as you know our car taste is pretty...different lol, also I dont have the knowlauge (as you know).
But its thanks for guys like you we kids are learning. ;)

See you in irc. ;)
I love the cars you have chosen and I really would like to help you because they are just my taste. But I am not sure if I have enough skills to help you, and the second thing is the time. I dont want to spend weeks or months at one car which I cant use in a game- no idea what u think about that + 20k polies arent enought to model a car with full engine, interior, underbody... . But this wouldnt be the problem if you find enought volunteers. Anyway, I love your work, I love the new render of your Oldsmobil and I would love to see more from you. Maybe not the smart:p, but all the other great american cars.

And dont listen to nik, your taste cant be better.:grin:


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well, that's just the thing... Motor City, as I envision it, is mostly going to be a series of videos. Course, I'd like to, at some point, port the stuff into video games as cutscenes, so that you could view the high definition goodness.

Imagine being able to load up a level in Unreal 3 or something and watch Motor City on the big screen with the ps3 running at HDTV resolutions. That'd be awesome.

Schaefft - 20k is an average. I built a ford crown victoria out a while back that was around 5,000 polys, which had an engine, underside, and interior, and it looked very good.

It should also be noted that most vehicles are going to be traffic vehicles. I want the city to look like a city after all, and not some barricaded stage scenery that happens to have some roads within the studio parking lot.

I may make a detailed post and even a website devoted to motor city, but that will come as I know more.

What I can tell you now is that the entire project will be absolutely strictly script-based. Meaning, unless the script calls for a certain scene, or a certain vehicle, then it won't exist. That's the only way to control a project this large is to only make the bare minimum that needs to be made in order for the end result to work.

The next thing I can say, is that just like FPS games have first person and third person weapons, there will be "main" cars, and "non-important" cars.

The vehicles that will be driven by the main characters are the ones that will be high detail. Most will not require anything besides an exterior and interior, and maybe a trunk or engine compartment for certain vehicles, if the scripts call for it. Many vehicles will stay on the road. Only the "Junkers" and police cars will be tossed about like rag dolls, and semi trucks will be invovled in accidents. So they will need detailed undercarriages, and damage models, none of the other vehicles.

The traffic vehicles will probably be 5,000 - 8,000 faces, and since they're usually not going to be seen in closeups, that's all that will ever be needed. Not even opening doors on the traffic cars. Modeling them should be a snap.

That's about all the insight I have thought up on that, as I have yet to come up with all the characters, and a storyline that will work for at least 3 webisodes.

But yeah, I'm going to finish this vehicle up as though it were a traffic vehicle. Nothing fancy, but definitely nothing shabby.


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again, unfortunately, these are not the actual textures, just the blueprints. But snazzy nonetheless :grin:

Anyway, I've restarted this vehicle as a lower-poly car, which I believe would be a good standard for folks who volunteer to model to... the body without the wheels is 4,528 tri's, and with all four wheels, it's 31,472 tri's.

I'm working on a larger render of the textured version, since that pic is somewhat undersized when you look at just the actual car. That pic is still rendering, and I'll edit this post with the pic once it finishes. But in the mean time, here's the low-poly re-do of my model as first seen in this thread.

okay, that render's done now... here it is, cropped to just the car. (original was 2560x1920)
Those wheels are damn highpoly.:grin: But I like the car and it looks well detailed. The grill isnt 3d but it looks good, so great job. I still love it.:grin:


I agree with schaefft about the highpolyness of the wheels, but the overall result is brilliant, especially the integration within the background.


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Damn you and your skills, you making my Aston look cheap J/K. :p
I really need to fix my fallout lol.

Very well done mate. ;)


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Those wheels are damn highpoly.:grin: But I like the car and it looks well detailed. The grill isnt 3d but it looks good, so great job. I still love it.:grin:
The wheels are that high poly for several reasons... the first reason is that whenever I have lower-poly wheels, the shadowing and shading usually isn't satisfactory in my opinion. You'll see where the mesh edges are in the clay renders, and that screws up the material effects such as glossiness on the tires as well. Then the wheels, man alive. Those couldn't possibly have any more holes. I want holes to be modeled out on Motor City cars, so I went to town modeling out any holes that were real holes in the wheel.

I don't believe this is going to be a problem for motor city artists, because even considering the crazy nature of these wheels, they didn't really feel like all that much work. The wheel weights and the air valve can be ported to other vehicles, as with the tire geometry itself, then whatever modifications need to be made can be done from then on.

Also I wanted some shots that show people removing wheels from the vehicles... and since this one is a vehicle I plan on upgrading later on, the wheels are a must for high-detail. There's also going to be several other wheels I make for this car, so if you think this wheel's crazy, just wait :grin::grin:

BTW, schaefft, the grille is actually 3d. Since I just slapped the blueprint photos on though, it has a couple artifacts that make it look flatter than normal.

Not sure if I'll have the interior done for the contest or not, but I definitely plan on having an interior, engine bay, chassis detail, and a trunk for this one. I've decided to make it a "first person" detail car.

Parking lot car = simplified exterior, no interior, simplified wheels, oversimplified chassis

3rd person car = full exterior, simplified interior, simplified chassis

3rd person stunt car = full exterior, simplified interior, detailed chassis, damage models, opening doors and other items, simplified engine bay, and trunk

1st person car = full exterior, full interior, full engine bay, trunk, wheels, opening doors etc., simplified chassis

1st person stunt car = full everything plus damage models