[Good old 80's] 1989 Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16v


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looks like the trim at the bottom is out too far where it meets the front wheel arch... but then again I'm not familiar with this car, so that critique doesn't mean much :p
I've worked a lot and didn't have time to post 'till now. Here's what I have so far. Should finish modeling in 2 or 3 days. The hardest was rear quarter panel. It covers area below windshield, A & C pillars, roof and rear quarter panel. I still need to model fuel cap on the left side.
Side mirrors, trunk door and rear lights should be finished tomorrow. Probably the hardest part I still need to model are rims. They're pretty tricky (you'll see when I make them :grin: ).
So far I have about 130.000 polys for one half of the car.

@multimediaman - you're right! I've tweaked it and now it looks good.



Your work looks really great. My only concern is about the doors handles : they looks a bit undetailed on your renders. Can you post a closer view ?

I would appreciate to see the whole car on your pictures, and not a single half. It will allow everyone to seek more efficiently for issues, if any.

Keep us updated, it's an excellent work on a legendary car !
As tom said, it would be nice to post the full car not only one half of it, the work as i see it is excellent, nothing bad too say about it.
I finally finished modeling. Maybe I'll need to tweak some things around tail lights, but I'll leave that for tomorrow. My poly count is just a bit higher than I thought (360.000 higher!!!).
I still have to make textures and setup lights and render but I'll leave that for tomorow. I'm gon'na rest now 'cos I caught a cold and everything looks a bit blurry!

@multimediaman: thanx for support ;)



The modeling job is really nice. I have no critics about it.

You should try to produce a clay render with a floor plan and a skydome above the car. The lighting is not good as the modeling, it doesn't do justice to your work.
New update.
Materials and textures still need some tweaking but I think I'm pretty close to the final version. Bumps on the front lights need some work. I still need to make materials and textures for tail lights.


This is the final render. I didn't render rear of the car because I haven't made tail light textures. I just had so many problems with mental ray. I started with maya shaders and then when I tried to put some mr shaders the damn thing just didn't render :x . I think that my scene has some sort of bug. As addition to that I also had problems with refraction and bump of headlights.
I'm going on a short trip tomorrow so theres no more time to work on this car. But I'll continue the work next week, when I come back.



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really cool work,
if you need any help with mental ray in Maya just chuck me a PM.
just as a first thought, select all objects in the scene, and go to - edit - delete by type - history.
then try rendering it... might fix the problem
(if you dont do this, the scene builds up lots of cache files, and dead nodes that still influence the meshs and textures)

make a backup of your scene before trying this though :)
Hi, nice one, some points still need some work in my opinion :

- front repetitors are too big
- wipers are too big, need to be thiner
- front bumper is a bit too straight (and the hood is not enough)
- the corners of the windscreen need to be sharper
- the sides of the windscreen need to be more straight
- and the door handles are a bit too big

Except that, it looks really good ;)

Keep up the good work.


@greenvampire - thanks! History is not a problem - I delete it every 30 min. Something else is causing mr to stop rendering and I will figure out what!
@Icekid84 - thanks!
@Gillou - the model I made is from 1989. while the model on the image you posted is from later years of production. There are different versions of wipers and hood. Hood of the car you posted is very similar to the one of Integrale Evoluzzione II model (1993). As for the other things - you're right. I had low-res blueprints so it was bit harder to work. Thanks for comment!
You're welcome ;)

About the hood, I was not clear enough I think, I was just talking about the front top edge of the hood that is a bit too curvy I think. But I'm not a specialist of the Delta.

Hope it can help.
Man magnificen car you hav maded here!
I compared the picture of lancia from member Gilou and your model and you did it! Your Alfa looks the sam like the real one in the picture! You did the great yob ,the details are also madeda like on the real Alfa!What can I say it is the perfec model!