[Good old 80's] 1986 Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth


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nice progress one of my all time favorite cars, and the car solely responsible for my motorsport addiction.

Will be keeping a close eye on this :)
I own a '91 Sierra and i'm a huge fan of those cars! U have some mistakes on Your car...i'll try to point them in pains in few secs:) Anyway nice start and great choice of the car:)
EDIT: the green line shows the edge being to sharp and the red line shiws the place where it should stick aut a bit more...it would be the best if U check some more ref pics to see what i mean:) the overall car shape hasnt change that much over years....the front ant the rear parts changed most:)Good luck:)



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Hmm, well it seems about right to me, though it could be perspective making it look different to you. I'll see how it looks when I get more done on the rear, then maybe that will help show any issues. :?
I also need to make the hood bulge a bit lower, since it seems too high to me...


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Haha, don't worry about that :p
Anyway I will fix the side skirts and the hood bulge. Besides that I have worked on some wheels for my own modified version. I will make stock wheels for the competition though :)
5,065 polies (including the brake disk)

The wheels are Panasport FR's