[Good old 80's] 1983 V8 Vantage


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Heres the start of the Vantage

just a basic start for now i will go back and add the details in later and refine the shape



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Not so much to critic on so far, but it's a decent start. I'll be watching this one ! You have to do justice to the car !
NO pressure here :roll:

I have fixed up the blueprints (as the ones on here don't all line up properly) and started the model again to make sure its as good as possible.

Again i will do the basic shape and work on that before adding in th edetails



NO pressure here
Don't take it the wrong way. I was pretty sure you gonna make great work. And it's turning out that I'm right, according to your pics.

The bulge on the hood is a bit wavy in height. I'm looking forward to see more progress.


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cheers Tom, i'll look into the bulge.

mesh is a little bit messy around the front end. I'll sort it out once the model is done

Spread the polies on the hood a bit to get a nice equally dense mesh everywhere.

Sweet choice of car! Good luck on the contest, I think you're already in the top 3 with this ;)


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Thanks NightEye i have moved some of the polys around on the hood

Not much of an update today, been busy the last few days (as I'm sure many have)



Thanks for the higher resolution pictures.

Nice update, you're doing well. Two critics IMHO :
- The end of hood, right above the headlights, needs more polys.
- The back is maybe only WIP, but the area where the fastback meets the rear fender is weird.

Nice level of details for the side "aston martin" text, but I'm not sure it's required for a low-poly model.