[Good old 80's] 1982 Range Rover


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Hello again everyone,

Here is my entry for that competition. A Porsche 944.

Done only fenders light covers and hood.



Nice choice of car, rarely modeled.

You have a symmetry issue, at the thickness of the hood.
There is a pinch in the thickness of the fender (at the front).
There is a strange effect on top of the light covers.
In rear of the front wheel arch, you have a bump.
On the wheel arch, about at 45° up from the front horizontal, you probably have an issue with your mesh topology. A triangle I guess. Can we have a wire ?

Otherwise, it looks great. Sounds like this contest starts on good basis.


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@tom - thanks for pointing those out. And u wull see the wires today or tomorrow.

@vbl - yea i know and i personally do all the things like i should but it still gives wierd smooth corners

I think i remake whole car.


It wasn't a triangle, it's a 4 pole. You should add a row of polys along the edge of the wheel arch. You already have the beginning of one on the rear of the arch.


About the edge not around the whole wheel arch, you're right.

I was talking about your mesh topology : let a row of poly going around the whole wheel arch, but give an hard edge only on the rear. It will allow you to have only vertices connecting 4 edges and not 5 (4 = 1 accross the fender + 1 under the wheel arch + 2 along the wheel arch)

I fear I'm unclear. I will post a picture tomorrow to clearly show my point.
Well it's not that hard, you're just using too many polies atm. Create lowpoly mesh first so you get the basic shape and then start to add more polies. That way mesh doesn't get so bumpy.
I assume you're still using the same mesh? You should start with very lowpoly shape and then detail it bit by bit. Also dont' start to chamfer edges until you got all the doors, hood etc detached. I hope this helps so you would finish your car ;)