GM Holden Efijy concept car 2007

I'm wondering if they may be planning to release a production version of this. They just submitted these for patents (Australian) very recently but the concept car came out over a year ago. The public response to the concept car has been huge. I heard that Atari even added a Test Drive Unlimited xbox360 version for download to the game.
Holden based this off the old FJ Holdens... Hence the play-on-words, 'Efijy' ;)

Those blueprints look right, however the car itself sits very low on the ground. I've also seen the car in real-life (not jsut TDU :p) at the 2006 Brisbane Motor Show, and I must say that I hate Holdens, but this car is a thing of beauty, right down to how the indicators work (the front flash around in a circle, the rear cycle up and down).

I've just posted some reference pictures of it here.