GM Firebird IV (XP-790,SO91331) (1964)

From the NY Worlds Fair Futurama II (Scale 1 pixel=1")


seriously tho... even tho its kinda weird... it would make a v cool model. and the prints look great. someone definitely needs to model it. i'm guessing reference maybe hard to come by tho. good donation mate :grin:
Sorry everyone, but the scale I stated in my original post seems to be wrong. Use the
spec. sheet that I provided to scale the plans. I'll be more careful next time.
Hi Showcar Enthusiasts,
I prepared drawings for my project to make a model from wood, plastic and resin in my "special" scale - 1:75 - and to complet my Firebird I - II - III collection with IV in 1:64. As I prefer to make the inside too I prepared the drawing for that too.
Now the models are ready for spraying.


Thanks again

Ah the glorious futuristic showcars of the 50s. A time when Detroit thought it could do anything. What happened to all this optimism about the future today?

...and now are the models and photos ready.
When I first posted the Firebird IV plans and photos, I had hoped someone
would make a more detailed set of plans, but what you have done is incredible.
I always hoped someone would be bold enough to make a model of this car
and now you've done it in two scales!
Did you create sectional drawings to find the right body shapes or did you
carve these models by eye? However you did it, they look dead-on accurate.
Well Done!
GM Firebird IV XP-790

Hi Mark,
frankly said I didn`t make any sectional drawings. I didn`t find any sense of preparing extra drawings for this small sizes. The blueprints lines gave me enough base to transfer tham on the block of wood. Here and there I used some assistant lines too but only at rotundities.
I`m happy you enjoyed the models: Janos
P.S.: The XP-790 was introduced as Buick Century Cruiser officially but there is a lettering on the side at the rear of car on a photo (very poor res !) and that is sure not "Buick Century Cruiser" So the car is Firebird IV for me too !
Wow, you're even more talented than I thought.
By the way, the Firebird IV was renamed Buick Century Cruiser in 1969
as a cheap way for Buick to have a show car that year. The only changes
were the badges and a Firefrost Blue paint job.