Forum Switch?

Can anyone tell me of a site that uses vbulletin that I can take a look at? I use TurboCAD and their user forums are done with cold fusion, it's very clean to look at but doesn't seem to have much in the way of bells and whistles, although it's very configurable with user options (although I'm html illiterate and wouldn't know anyway) and I'm interested in seeing just what other forum software can do. FWIW, cold fusion is open source nowadays.
vBulletin was a good choice on the new forum. Do you still need donations for this one?
If you decide you don't like this one, go with open source with phpBB. It has worked really well for me.
Yeah it was kind of spur of the moment though... Weve had this Version for about a week I guess doing tests etc. Still a few things to work out but I was rather hoping for someething more formal. (ie grand re-opening)
Well this is not the final design template. We are going to make it easier on the eyes but right now we had to get the place back open. So bare with us. ;)