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Hey Guys, I have been thinking about this and thinking about this, and it seems, no matter what I try and do with this phpbb board, something else seems to screw up, so I think we should switch over to vbulletin. There are a few things needed before we go about this. First and most important, is we need $160USD to get a license, second, I need to find out if we can convert the attachments over aswell, and last, we would need to make a new style for the board, since phpbb styles are different the the vbulletin ones, well as far as I know. Now, as for the $160USD, that's just $20 for 8 members, so if 25 members were to donate $5 via paypal, we would be able to purchase it. The last bit of donations went to the name for a 2 year registration. Before anyone starts sending money in, we or I need to figure out about the attachments. As for the style, who cares right now, hehe, we have 2 more important things to look into. I will keep everyone updated about the attachments, I am going to search around aswell, if anyone else would like to help, that would be great.


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as much as i'm on this site, i'll put up some $$ for ya.
you can expect it soon 8)

*just tried and Paypal said they're having problems with their credit card stuff irght now. so i'll have to try again tomorrow*
I, personally, really dislike VB.... But if everyone else thinks it's better... :roll:
Maybe we could get someone who could rewrite the PHPBB board.. More work, maybe, but IMO, PHPBB is a lot better...
If I could, I will make donate, because SMCars are the best res which I know... But I can't, I am only 13 yrs and form czech rep...


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heh... one huge advantage of this forum format is that it allows multiple attachments... I don't think I've ever seen a Vbulletin board use more than one...

and I'm not sure if it's just a configuration setting we've got over here, or something that is universal to phpbb, but I love it how if you don't use the computer for a while and you check back, the threads are still marked as new, instead of vbulletin's habit of marking the stuff read after you sign out, which can be as few as 20 minutes on the thing heh...

well, anyway, yeah, the only thing I like about vbulletin over phpbb is that the threads you've replied to have a little dot on them so it's easy to keep track of responses.


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multimediaman said:
heh... one huge advantage of this forum format is that it allows multiple attachments... I don't think I've ever seen a Vbulletin board use more than one...
RSC is run on vB and they allow multiple attachments per post. i'm sure its just an option that many sites don't use.

btw Envoy, i've just donated $10 towards the cause. it'll probly show up as being from Michael M. or soemthing, but if you add me to the front page list, you can just put f50.
I'd say Innvision Board (iB) would be the most stable board to use; most of the forums I visit use it and have little to no problems whatsoever.

I'd be willing to fork over a couple bucks, though I'd have to send it via money order or personal check. ;)
i'would say stick to this board and wait till the new udates.
what we need is to create subforums in the car brand secions.
like 1. cars, 2. volkswagen, in 3 are all the golf versions.
that would make 3 extra clicks but keeps it viewable..
i think this is all due to the fact we are getting so damm big :twisted:
another idea is to build a seperate forum for airplane,train,and all other stuff.
and keep all others stuff out of the car forum.
just my 2 cents.
The car forum is actually just the 'Blueprints' forum, so I think the plains, trains, etc could stay there, especially since there aren't that much that you need to create brands for the trains etc..
As for the subforums.. That would be uhm... Not really difficult I think, but I don't know if that's a good idea.. Well, the idea is good, but in practise, I think it will fail.. :roll:
But yes, I do agree on staying with PHPBB :)
i would switch to IPB its nice a quick ( the new beta version v2 ) i have used them for a few forums with no problems at all.

support direct from them you have to pay for ( dam shame ) but there are loads of other forums that offer support and mods. ( Invision Power Board 2.0.0 (PF 3) forum sortware ) ( support and mods )

if you need any help just drop me an email and i'll try to helpout.

best regards

they also do a converter:

Official phpBB2 (2.0.6) to Invision Power Board 1.3 ( which can then be upgraded to v2 )

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I will, but first I need to know if we're keeping the php one.. If so, I will make some schemes (a darker one, maybe two, and a lighter one.. set the current one to default ofcourse) :)