Formula One Grid (1977)


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Nice I deleted the links of the cars you made, that way you can see the one already made.

Furthermore I think you made a mistake with the Sutcliffe / Henton cars?
Henton car

I can't see the pic of Sutcliffe -the site just tells me to watch a sponsor's video. The Henton car was owned by Brian Henton and is here (Belgium) driven by Bernard de Dryver.



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Strange here is the link again:

Keep up the excellent work mate!! These are nice additions to my "collection".

From the cars I requested, I am now only "missing" the cars for the period 1966-1974 (see correponding threads) and the McGuire.

Finally a question: will you create the cars for the periods 1950-1965 (I know it is hard to find good pics but together we can get a nice representation :)) and 1991-2013?