Ford Mustang (1965-66)


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I've not found a blueprint that is accurate for a classic Mustang yet. Some get close but terrible flaws screw it up or the lines typically fail to line up. I pulled this model from the Project Cars game and it is really quite accurate. Small flaws can be overcome easily with even basic research but it doesn't get more accurate than this unless you have the actual car to reference.

The edges are a bit ugly where I cut them from the individual renders. It was so late I couldn't see straight anymore and called it complete anyway. It's good enough.

One flaw I want to note is the hood. It's impossible to find a good reference on-line to demonstrate this so I'll post it here. The edge where the fender and hood meet are straight. They are not curved as I have always seen in other blueprints.

I labeled this as 1965-66 because there are very minor differences between 1964 1/2, 1965 and 1966 cars. The grille and the dash are different and maybe a few other very minor things. There are plenty of sites on-line to find these or you could talk to someone who is a Mustang fan. We always know :)

If you need a larger blueprint image let me know.